The first thing homeowners consider when deciding to sell their property is how to spruce it up and make it attractive to potential buyers, so it sells quickly and for the maximum potential price. However, with so many sellers now engaging real estate staging or specialist home stylists in Sydney, you’re likely to be behind the eight-ball if your home isn’t prepared to the standard now in vogue. This is especially so in a sluggish market such as Sydney is now experiencing. Buyers are always more likely to make an offer on an appealing and irresistibly staged home.

What is Home or Real Estate Staging?

When staging your home to sell, a specialist will professionally prepare and showcase your property to its best advantage by combining their knowledge of real estate with a background in creative design principles and home renovation to attract a buyer. So, before you list your property, whether it is vacant, or owner-occupied, the extra steps involved in home staging is highly recommended.

Specialist staging can be just as effective if the home has remained unsold for an extended time, since styling will create a great deal more interest and can result in a quick sale. Home staging is a pivotal resource that should be considered and is much more cost effective than a renovation.

What Do Home Stagers Do to Enhance a Property?

As briefly mentioned above, real estate staging or home styling is the preparation and showcasing of a home to sell for the best price. However, it’s much more than simply decluttering, cleaning and applying a lick of paint. This is, of course, one part of the preparation side of home staging, but the showcasing aspect can include hiring furniture and accessories and arranging them to enhance the presentation of your property.

Staging a home can include new carpets and appliances, painting the walls a neutral colour and, also, great attention is paid to art and to lighting to give the best impression to potential buyers. Most buyers prefer to see a staged home rather than an empty shell onto which they have to project an idea of what it will look like with their furniture and belongings installed and arranged inside.

Will Home Staging Sell My Property Faster?

With regard to faster sales, the first point is that we know buyers decide on a property based on its location, its condition and its price. So, as the homeowner, there isn’t anything you can do about the location, and you wouldn’t really want to move too far from your price, so the only thing you can change is the condition of the property.

Secondly, the price of a home will drop the longer it’s on the market but with professional home staging, properties invariably spend less time on the market. Another reason homes sell faster when they are professionally staged is that styling depersonalises a property, and buyers aren’t distracted by the owner’s belongings, such as family photographs and collectibles.

This means buyers can imagine themselves living in the home, which is vital in securing an offer. Many homeowners find it difficult to look at their property objectively when they’re putting it up for sale, and that’s understandable because their home is full of loving memories — which makes them too emotionally attached and that makes it hard to effectively market. By engaging a talented home stager you can make sure your property is viewed objectively and packaged such that it appeals to a wide range of buyers. That’s the aim of home staging: to make your home irresistible to a mass housing market.

How Do I Choose a Property Stylist/Home Staging Specialist?

The best home stylist to choose is one that supplies the furniture, floor rugs, lights, art and accessories that will make yours a lovely styled home that will not only look wonderful but will photograph beautifully. By using real estate staging, your property will be attractive to more buyers who are using the internet to short-list properties they want to inspect.

If a lot of potential buyers come to view your home and find it in a resplendent condition due to real estate staging, more offers are likely to come in and that could even start a bidding competition. The better your home presents to buyers, the less of a hassle it is for you as the property will spend a shorter time on the market, which means you get the best possible price for it and save money as well.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Abstract House.

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