Property styling for sale, otherwise known as house staging, is one of the sure-fire ways you can make the most of your real estate adventure. All houses are not created equally. A few need just a little staging to make them ready to list for sale. Others need the full and extended attention of a professional home stager. Why?

The real estate market in the Sydney area is hot, hot, hot. Buyers here are prepared to pay a hefty price for a home. But they want the best value possible for their investment. This means that any flaw in your property may result in offers that are adjusted downward to reflect any and all blemishes your home may have. It simply makes sense to eliminate all the things at which a prospective buyer might baulk. Interestingly, some of them baulk at the drop of a hat.

Your professional property stager does this work day after day. Because they also work daily with selling agents, they know the drill. (If you’re very lucky, you may find a stager who actually spent time in real estate sales. Their experience is equivalent to a Doctorate degree in staging.) (Hint: Look no further than Urban Chic Property Styling for this. Our stylists were agents before they became stagers, making them better prepared than the average stager at property styling for sale.) Because they know all the details about buyers in the niche your property fits into, they can bring their special knowledge to bear, ultimately making your home irresistible.

The real key to successful staging is knowing the buyer. Of course, you probably have not done the essential study of buyers that your stager has. The home staging industry invests heavily in detailed studies and research to pinpoint the preferences of each buying group. The baby boomers like some colours and amenities in a home. The millennial buyer likes totally different details. The differences can represent a roadblock to a great sale if you’re priced for a boomer, but staged for a millennial. Matching the home to the buyer is the very wheelhouse for home stagers.

An experienced stager can add details to your staging that will make your buyer sit up and take notice. In truth, the stager’s goal is to make buyers fall in love with your home. Scientists confirm that big buying decisions are driven by emotion. The faster you can capture the heart of your buyer, the sooner the sale will be a done deal.

If more than one buyer falls head-over-heels for your house, so much the better. Bidding wars are often sparked by that old law of supply and demand. If the competition for your house heats up, you’re apt to see a much higher sale price than is usual for a well-staged house.

Supply and demand can also dictate the speed with which your home sells. The first fact that cannot be ignored is that, according to statistics provided by the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, an unstaged home will spend 90 days on the market. The average professionally staged property spends only 11 days waiting to be sold.

Selling agents tend to flock to well-staged properties. Of course, they come with their clients in tow. Recognising the appeal of a professionally staged home, they know that a house thus prepared for sale represents a quick and large commission for them.

When you arrange to have your property staged before it’s listed, you can enjoy the advantages of a quick sale at higher dollar. To most sellers, this is the point of the entire exercise.
If you’re like most homeowners, your property represents the bulk of your nest egg. From the beginning, you have stored your cash in your home investment. When the time comes to get that money back out again, you need the help of a truly professional real estate selling team.

Good property styling for sale requires the attention of a stager who knows the ins and outs of real estate. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we began as selling agents. Then we dedicated ourselves to the important research that makes it possible for us to know precisely what the buyer is looking for. We are perfectly prepared to help you get the best price for your property. Call us today.

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