As the needs, wants and lifestyles of prospective home buyers shift, traditional Sutherland Shire is gaining momentum. Known for its well-planned, carefully preserved community character, Sutherland Shire and its amenities are drawing home buyers. So, how do home sellers manage to employ property styling Sutherland Shire in order to attract these buyers? The answer is to understand the buyer’s feelings.

Scientists have confirmed that large scale purchases, like cars and homes, are fuelled by feelings. The hard financial considerations are not nearly as critical to home sales as we used to think. There is an emotional component in house buying that few of us recognised 20 years ago, but it is a powerful one that must be included in any successful real estate marketing plan. If you want your house to sell, it has to make the buyer feel safe and secure.

Of course it’s possible that, years ago, the home buyer wasn’t constantly under unrelenting pressure from the outside as are today’s buyers. With the advent of the internet, coming into popularity in the mid-1990s, we were all suddenly thrust into an “instant age”. Now we have so much information at our fingertips, we cannot find a way to escape from the real world. With a 24-hour news cycle and instant access to all things, no wonder we all feel under siege.

As it works out, today’s buyers are looking for a place where they can close the doors and be safe and unmolested at the end of the day. This phenomenon is called ‘cocooning’, and is becoming a mighty force in real estate. The feelings of safety and security are critical if a house is to be sold for top dollar.

This isn’t just about physical safety. A home-security system fixes that. Instead, this is more about emotional security and it’s added a whole new facet to planning a real estate sale. How does one trigger the feelings of sanctuary? Today’s home stagers have been learning that for years now.

A good home stager has more than just a class or two in furniture arrangement under his or her belt. Home staging experts spend countless dollars every year in research to learn what makes for a calming influence when it comes to bricks and mortar. By way of studies, surveys, and even focus groups, the home staging industry is constantly in pursuit of answers to such questions. Their research reveals that colours, smells, texture, and even the quality of light in a room can influence the perception of buyers. They have also learned that by employing triggers like these, they can help a prospective buyer toward feelings that say “I’m home at last”.

Of course, even toothpaste manufacturers have been using the psychology of sales to convince you to buy toothpaste A over toothpaste B for years. The psychology behind buying decisions in real estate is relatively new, but it’s sprung fully grown into our daily lives.  Whether home buyers are consciously aware of it or not, they are paying careful attention to the safety of neighbourhoods and the level of escape from the real world they offer.

All of which brings us back to safe, solid, traditional areas like Sutherland Shire. In light of the area’s perception, it’s no wonder even the illusive Millennial buyer is looking at the Shire with new eyes. It appears (subliminally, at least) to be a place where the troubles of the world are not permitted to loiter. It is a cocooning mecca.

If you’re thinking of selling your Sutherland Shire property, now is a great time to do so.

Since buyer psychology has come into the fore, selling agents and property stylists have been boning up on this new element in sales. Both professional members of your selling team are bent on providing prospective buyers with evidence that your property is perfectly situated to provide a fortress of tranquillity from the woes of the world. And it’s working.

No matter what happens in the world of finance that might keep some buyers from claiming their ‘dream home’ they are still seeking the security they crave. The feeling of security is not negotiable.

By bringing in an enlightened home stylist who knows how to provide that sense of security in property styling Sutherland Shire, you can make the sale of your property more profitable. What a smart way to create a little more security for your future!

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Beacon Lighting.

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