Every day it becomes more obvious that we humans over-expose ourselves to stress. This phenomenon can be observed just about everywhere, from the blaring car horns on city streets to the weary lines in the faces of our coworkers. Is it any wonder, then, that more and more of us are seeking shelter in some of Sydney’s very liveable suburbs? Those who make their living doing property styling St George, Sutherland Shire, and even the Inner West tell us that a home buyer today is looking for an oasis – a place to escape.

As a home-seller, how can you create a sense of ‘escape’ when your property may not be off the beaten track, or worse, right in the middle of the fray? Friends in the home staging industry have the answers.

Each and every day, professionals in the home staging industry have the challenge of preparing homes to sell. This means knowing what the buyer is looking for and finding ways to fulfill that “must have” list even in unlikely homes and apartments in the Greater Sydney area. Their job is the very essence of commerce – they have long lists of what is needed in the real estate world, and so they set out daily to create spaces to fulfill those needs.

The trend some call ‘cocooning’ is the driving need to close the door on stress and the agitations of the outside world when one comes home from work. We all want peace and tranquillity at some point during our days. Even young, energetic millennials need some down time even when they choose to live in the vibrant city centre. How can that happen?

Oddly, the answer to this question is as much about science as it is about design.

Home staging professionals work hard to understand the emotions of home buying. Emotions? Are you kidding? Nope. The truth is home buying decisions happen in the part of the human brain that controls emotion. It is there that marketing efforts for cars, cruises, and homes must concentrate themselves. It involves knowing more about the human psyche than any layman might imagine.

Decisions regarding homes and cars involve the same process. When we look at any big-ticket item, we rely on our feelings to determine whether or not the item makes us feel successful, safe, and secure. (Not necessarily in that order.)

People who design cars and homes use the same set of human ‘trigger’ factors to make their product more attractive to the people who will eventually buy it. This is especially important when it comes to houses, of course. We might spend hours in our cars, but nights and weekends belong to our homes. They must meet a strict hierarchy of human needs that comfort and console us.

Colours, textures, and images (whether seen out the window or in the art on the walls,) must be brought into play in order to give us the sense of security we crave but cannot get ‘out there’ in the real world. People who work in the marketing of homes know that doing this very well is what brings about higher sales prices. It’s their job to accomplish the task and walk away with all parties being happy and satisfied.

When the time comes to sell your St George property, understand that you’ve got lots going for you already. The charm of this particular Sydney region works in your favour. With its green spaces and great views the property styling St George is well on the way to being complete. Such imagery is very cosy and comforting for most people. It makes them feel grounded and in control and that’s half the battle.

Nevertheless, the rest of your real estate package will probably still need work. Preparing a property for sale involves countless choices that a professional property stager makes to evoke those emotions necessary to create an atmosphere that incites an urge to ‘settle down right here’.

If you’re in the process of property styling St George or any of Sydney’s other popular suburbs, call in the best property stagers you can find. That means a call to Urban Chic Property Styling. We’ve been making houses feel like homes for decades. Our specialty is finding ways to fill the need for comfort and security as part of your property’s profile.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Flaxfield Linen.

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