Around the world, home sellers are learning the importance of home staging in the process of selling property. In this internet age, people shop for homes in a completely different way. Because prospective buyers have probably seen, evaluated, and eliminated most of the listings available in your area online, the competition is keener than ever before.

These days, home sellers must to be fully prepared – far beyond ensuring their property is squeaky clean and freshly painted. Prospective buyers want properties to be “move in ready” right down to the furniture styling Sydney stagers utilise today.

The overwhelming popularity of television programs about renovation and property flipping has encouraged people to expect more from a property. When they visit your home for the first time, they expect to see it fully decked out with, not just tasteful furniture, but also fully dressed beds, art on the walls, and books on the shelves.

Why, you might ask, do I need a property stylist, then? My house has beds already made and plenty of paperback books on the shelves. Why spend extra money to replace the furnishings?

If your home is like most homes, it is decked out in the prominent style of “life”. You may have Auntie Hilda’s china cabinet and Uncle Henry’s recliner. The furniture in the living room may all match, but it is quite likely that the children’s bedrooms are decorated in “early chaos” and the bathrooms are anything but “Zen-like.” That’s how real people live, but today’s buyers are looking for the opportunity for a fresh new start.

New home buyers probably live their lives like the rest of us, but part of the dream of home ownership is the lure of new beginnings. The new place will be one – they hope – where all toys will find their proper storage place at the end of the day. Dirty dishes will automatically find their way to the dishwasher and, miraculously, back into the cupboard every single time.

Perhaps the most important component of making a real estate sale is to create an atmosphere where the buyers can see their dreams coming true. Therefore, it takes some inside information. For example, a professional home stylist takes the business of demographics very seriously. Anyone with marketing skills understands that knowing about the target market is essential, but in real estate, the need goes beyond age and economic data all the way to favourite colours, ideal holiday destinations and more. This, as it works out, can end up being the focus of how a home is designed for sale including, but certainly not limited to, furniture styling Sydney. Sometimes, it’s a beachy, Hamptons style that appeals to buyers in a certain category and sometimes it’s edgy, contemporary style furniture that ‘says’ success to the buyer.

It’s for these reasons that successful home stagers spend so many resources on research in order to understand the buyers in all groups. Industry leaders commission studies, surveys, and organise countless focus groups in order to understand what makes the buyer in a particular price-range tick. A serious home styling expert uses this information to help sell homes at a premium.
The best news is that, even though home buyers are shopping in a different way, there are predictable trends that can be harnessed to achieve the goals of sellers – a quick sale that garners far more money than the seller ever envisioned.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we work to make the most of the art and the science of our work. We also have a not-so-hidden advantage in the person of Juliana Gowen. Juliana, whose vocation was real estate sales in the beginning, has now graduated to the product fine-tuning that is the essence of house and furniture styling Sydney.
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With decades of successful real estate sales as a foundation, Juliana now stands in the vanguard of our design team, ready and willing to make those buyer dreams appear achievable. Call us today and see how our art, science, experience, and professionalism can work together to sell your property for more.

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