Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. We say that often because it’s absolutely true. On the subject of real estate anywhere in the world, not just property styling Sutherland Shire or Sydney’s Inner West, if you’re selling and have to perk up the property, investing in these two rooms will invariably pay off.

We often hear from homeowners who want to sell their property, but are virtually mortified by the way the bathrooms look. It isn’t that they are dirty or even lacking in storage. The bathrooms had the misfortune of being built by a person with a decorative tile fixation. These sellers feel as if a remodel is simply impossible for budget reasons. What can they possibly do?

Bathroom fixes don’t have to break the bank, and even wall to wall tiles in hot pink are not an insurmountable obstacle to having a beautiful home to show. If everything leading up to the tile is picture perfect, paint the tile.
Yes. Even glazed or porcelain tiles can be painted with just a bit of extra prep, and the results can be spectacular.

What You’ll Need: Powdered cleanser, a scrubbing brush, a good sized sponge, an orbital sander (this can be hired from the local equipment rental shop if you don’t own one), 120 to 180 grit sanding discs for the aforementioned sander, tile primer, tile epoxy, interior latex paint in your choice of colour, and several high quality paint brushes with fine bristles.

Step 1: Scrub the area you’ll be painting with powdered cleanser. Use the scrubbing brush for this. Your goal is to remove all vestiges of dirt and begin the process of roughing up the tile’s smooth surface. Wipe the cleaned surface down with a clean, wet sponge, and then allow thorough drying.

Step 2: Using the orbital sander, sand the entire surface. Pay special attention to the bevelled edges of the tiles so that they, too, are roughened up to accept the primer.

Step 3: Using a perfectly clean sponge, rinse the tiles. Be sure to get into the crevices and along all edges. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. (Getting the surfaces completely dry can be a difficult trick in the bathroom, where moisture wants to linger. Vacuum the surfaces of the room to remove sanding dust then set up a portable fan to circulate the air and speed the drying process.)

Step 4: Apply a thin coat of your primer using a fine bristled brush and long smooth strokes going in one direction. After the first coat is totally dry, apply a second coat in the same way. (If you are using epoxy paint, you won’t need a primer. Just apply as directed on the can.)

Step 5: Apply one thin coat of the paint colour of your choice; allow this to dry then repeat the process. (Again, if you are using epoxy paint, follow the package directions carefully to mix and apply.)

Tips: Notice that we did not suggest the use of a paint roller? Paint rollers make for speedy painting, but they leave tiny bubbles behind that will give a textured appearance to your tiles and spoil the smooth look you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Also – be sure to allow the paint to cure properly. Paint that is not totally cured and thoroughly hardened can be easily marred by use. Read the container and be certain to allow the proper curing time before use.

Our friends who specialise in property styling Sutherland Shire and other traditional neighbourhoods in the Greater Sydney Area confess that they must occasionally find ways to transform entire homes without challenging the integrity of the historically or otherwise significant features.

Even though properties in some of Sydney’s suburbs are older and have dated bathroom finishes, this trick will help you upgrade and update. Property styling Sutherland Shire is sometimes just a matter of thinking outside the well-worn rut. We have decades of experience in working with traditional properties. Allow us the opportunity to help you make the very most of yours.

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