The arrangement of furniture in your home is something of an art. New homeowners change and rearrange constantly trying to get the perfect effect, while older families will usually stick with what works for the long term. When you’re living in a home, the way your furniture is placed is more about workability and comfort than making your home a fashion statement but all of that changes when you decide to list your home for sale. It’s then that furnishings take on a whole new role. At that point, your furniture styling Sydney team helps to orchestrate a love affair.

Prospective home buyers may begin their home searches looking for a home within certain strict financial parameters they have in mind, but when the love affair between a house and a family is triggered, the finances become far less important. The furnishings in your home and the way they are configured are often the trigger for that romance.

In Sydney, where housing prices have marched ever upward, selling a home can be challenging. A buyer, faced with the fact of higher housing prices, demands more than just a home. Buyers justify the price of the home they purchase in many ways; the fact that it is in a perfect location, the fact that it is the prefect architectural style, the way it makes her feel like a queen and him like the chairman of the board. These feelings are just a few of the legitimate and very real reasons people buy a particular piece of property. Inciting these feelings is why you hire the best property stylist you can find in the Sydney area.

A formidable property staging company knows precisely how to set the stage for love at first sight – the condition which most often sells a house. With the requisite training and experience in the field of property and furniture styling Sydney, your home staging company has the capacity to know untold volumes about the people who will buy your home, long before it’s even listed.

A property stylist’s job includes what might appear to be clairvoyance. When they first see a house and know its price, they can probably tell you the age, the income, and even the number of children (if any), of the new owners. In truth, this isn’t an exercise in the paranormal. What your house stylist is doing is consulting the crystal ball commonly known as data.

In this exciting field within today’s housing industry, the key to success is intense research and constant monitoring of human attraction. Through the use of countless studies, surveys, and interviews with focus groups, an excellent home stager learns intimate details about groups of people and the ways in which they make important decisions.

For example, if your house stager knows that your house is priced at point A, then it will be most attractive to people in income group #3. Statistics will then fill in most of the gaps including favoured colours, likely hobbies, level of education, and what sort of pet is most likely to live in any particular home. One fact simply leads to the next.

Psychology and sociology meet art and architecture in the house stylist. He, she, or they make it their business to connect the dots. When the dots are connected, it’s not all that difficult for them to then select the style of furniture and the best arrangement to ignite a passion that surpasses the price tag. Once the buyer is in love, there is little that can dampen the attraction.

Of course, every house is different and because they are not all the same size and shape, it also helps if your house stylist is a special wizard. How does one best arrange this furniture in that small space? How can one make the ceilings look higher and make the bad view out the ugly windows seem less important? Not every house stylist has the experience to locate and intensify the good points while down-playing the bad ones. Those skills come with time and trial.

At Urban Chic Property Styling we have had decades of experience in successful furniture styling Sydney. We will happily connect your dots and help you attract the buyers who simply cannot live without your house. Give us a call. You’ll see.

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