Yes. We do emphasise the optics. It’s the job of all home stylists Sydney to please the eyes of potential home buyers by making the homes we transform more satisfying to view. We also concentrate on accentuating the best features of the home (not just its appearance, but also the form and function of the rooms) to make it appealing to buyers in today’s real estate market.

As home prices have ballooned in the greater Sydney area, it’s more and more important that homes, and the rooms within them, are presented as flexible and creative in the way they can be used. Today’s buyers are looking for a home that functions a bit like a Swiss Army Knife – a place that can meet all the needs of a family in one convenient set of walls, ceilings, and floors. It’s the goal of any really good home designer or house stager to define each room and demonstrate the flexibility available there.

A classic situation where a room can multi-task is the space that serves beautifully as a home office but can also be transformed effortlessly into a comfortable and inviting guest room. The better we can display this flexibility, the more the buyer feels they are getting more for their money – a bonus that makes the selling price more palatable.

Nearly every home has an odd place that defies use of any kind. Examples of this might be a niche under the stairs or a laundry room/rear entry area that stares blankly at you – just a sink and connections for the washer and dryer. There’s plenty of space available, but what on earth could you do with it? (Hint: With the addition of a few inexpensive cabinets, shelving, a bench, and an array of good-sized baskets, you can create a mud-room where children’s boots, coats, books and other paraphernalia can ‘live’ without disrupting your elegant front entry area.)

It is this sort of “out of the box thinking” that sets a truly excellent house stylist Sydney apart. Particularly when we have lived in a space for any amount of time, our view of the way rooms work becomes set in stone in our minds. We lose the ability to re-invent the functionality of the rooms to which we’ve grown accustomed. The fresh eyes of your stylist can usually find lots of new options you may never have dreamed about.

When you take the time to evaluate how rooms really operate, it can be disappointing. On the pages of a slick magazine it’s the elegant dining area you long for – but, in real life, it’s usually strewn with homework and science projects instead of silver and china. Interestingly, today’s buyers – the young families who came of age during the past 25 years – are looking for a lifestyle that incorporates both tradition and innovation. They are practical people who want that entertainment space as well as a place for the real needs all families have. (With the addition of a combination hutch/computer desk, the extension cords and computer components disappear behind doors along with the half-finished maths homework and only the lovely dining room remains.)

Of course, as a vendor, you are not expected to know all there is to know about that clever coffee table that opens and lifts to become a dining table, eliminating the need for those unsightly 1980s TV dinner trays. You have better things to do with your time. Besides, that’s what home stagers do for you.

If there were anything more helpful than fresh eyes while preparing your home for sale, it would be fresh eyes whose business it is to find new uses for otherwise wasted places in your house. That is precisely the specialty of Urban Chic Property Styling. We are experts in property styling Sydney and come to you complete with new, innovative ideas to put all of your nooks and other out-of-the-way spaces to productive use. When you engage our design team to help you dress your home for a successful sale, you’ve mastered the art of form and function. Buyers will love you for it.

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