The thought of staging your home before listing it for sale can seem overwhelming. Even though you have been ‘styling’ your home for as long as you’ve lived in it, somehow this seems different. That’s because it is. Designing your home to please yourself is one thing. Styling properties to make the very most of your investment and to ensure a good sale price is quite another.

Professional property stylists work hard to learn not just the basics of colour theory and design concepts, they also must learn a great deal about architectural design. They must understand art, and scale, and many, many other things that impact the way a house impresses other people. If that were not enough, they must also spend time in the study of the real estate market and the people who make it what it is. Then they must practice.

Practice doing what they have learned in theory takes time. That’s why, when you’re looking for the best property styling company, it’s good to know the background of the people with whom you’ll be working. The more practice they’ve had makes it less likely that a new surprise or unusual problem will develop. A really experienced home stager has seen it all.

When the time for you to sell your home rolls around, particularly in a market as big and bountiful as Sydney’s, you’ll need all the help you can get. Because property prices are as high as they are, buyers will be looking for something far beyond the basics. They want a real gem of a property that absolutely meets all their needs. That means you need somebody who knows and understands the needs and wants of the buyers.

An experienced property stylist spends a good bit of time and resources on the study of buyers. The industry invests mega-bucks in learning what makes the different market-niches tick. For example, if your house is likely to appeal to empty-nesters the colour you paint the walls may be very different than the colours you’ll choose if your buyer is likely to be a millennial.

Not only will your stylist know what colour to paint the walls, they will also understand the importance – or un-importance – of things like ‘green’ appliances and/or the size of the garden. People in different market niches see things differently. To members of one niche, an overstuffed sofa is a sign of success in life. To another, that same sofa represents something entirely different and not nearly so positive. You can see that knowing this ‘insider information’ can be useful in making the sale of your property as profitable as possible.

A good stylist also understands property sales from the perspective of a real estate agent. This means that they understand the economy, the ways in which municipal development can help or hurt your sale. A really exceptional home stager has the finger on the pulse of the entire region. By implementing the wealth of knowledge they have, stagers can make enormous impacts on the sale of your property.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we are proud to say that we have it all.
Not only were we real estate selling agents before we became house stylists, but we are also heavily invested in the region’s growth. Naturally, we stay informed and use that information to help you, the seller.

We own our own inventory of quality furnishings in order to style your home to show off its best features. We can take advantage of your house’s architecture and its amenities by installing the perfect furnishings needed to make your prospective buyers fall in love at first sight.
We also own and operate our own moving vans to be sure the installation of your home’s stylish new furnishings will be done professionally. Our drivers are professional movers who understand the value of your home’s walls, flooring, and doors. When they are finished with moving furniture into or out of your home, there will be no scrapes, dings, or gouges in your walls or floors. All of our employees take pride in their work.

Allow the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling to dress your house for a successful sale. We take the business of styling properties for the real estate market to a new level and, in the end, taking your real estate transaction to a more lucrative place. When you are ready to sell your house, call us first.

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