Often, when home owners decide to stage their home without professional help, they run into the furniture issue. Staging a house requires furniture and not many families have enough furniture to stage the house they are selling AND furnish the home they have just moved into. The answer, of course, is to go to a reliable company that supplies furniture hire. Sydney has a very dynamic real estate market. Staging, with or without a professional team on your side, is necessary.

You want to stage your house because you know that proper presentation is an essential part of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. Furnishings are just part of that process. Vacant homes sometimes stay on the market for months. All the time the home is sitting there empty and unadorned, the bills keep coming to the homeowner. Electricity, insurance, mortgage payments all continue to come due until the home is sold.

On average, professionally staged homes are sold within 11 days of being listed. Also, according to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, the average unstaged home sells only after about 90 days.

Bringing in a professional stager seems to be the key to moving real estate quickly. A home stager will help you with decisions such as colour for the walls and other details that will serve to make your house irresistible to buyers. A home styling professional will also help you choose furnishings that are the right size, style, and fit for the look you’ve chosen. A really good staging team has a full inventory of furnishings to choose from, so you can let your imagination run free.

The architecture of your home, the traffic patterns and the way each room is used will dictate the way furnishings can enhance your overall product. Home stagers give prospective buyers the opportunity to see how a house will look when it’s fully dressed and ready to be enjoyed by its new family.

When the time comes to list your house, your furniture will arrive in moving vans and the furnishings will be installed by professional movers who know what they are doing. We shudder to think of all the times inexperienced furniture movers create big problems for homeowners in the form of holes in walls, and scratches and dings in newly refinished hardwood floors. Having professional help is the insurance you need to keep everything in your real estate adventure running smoothly.

We suggest you take the time to talk with a home staging professional even if you won’t be using their styling skills. Furniture hire Sydney is a viable alternative to full-home staging. By choosing and hiring furnishings you need from a reputable styling firm, you’ll have upscale furnishings in place to show off your home and its amenities to their fullest.

Choose a company that has a full inventory of furnishings that they own and can make available to you. Too often homeowners choose a company that simply hires furnishings from other vendors. This makes it impossible to be sure that the pieces you selected are what shows up at your door on installation day. You can have a perfectly lovely room in your mind, but if you get furnishings that are totally different in style or colour, you may not be able to bring your room to life in quite the same way.
At Urban Chic Property Styling we are particularly well equipped to help you with furnishing your listed home. Not only do we have a large inventory of furnishings in many different styles and colours, we also have the other things that can make a room sing. We have art for the walls and items for the bookshelves that shouldn’t ever be left bare.

No listed home is complete until it’s been given the appropriate attention in terms of furniture hire. Sydney home buyers are not satisfied with vacant rooms and bare walls. Because they will be paying a very high price for the property, they want it presented to them in the most beautiful way possible. From bedrooms to the deck beside the pool, your home should look welcoming and ready to be moved into. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today for all your staging needs.

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