Arranging furniture isn’t as easy as it looks. There really is more to it than pushing big, heavy pieces around in a room. When design specialists do it, they use a measuring tape far more often than they use their muscles. It’s easier on the furniture and much less difficult for the specialist in furniture hire. Sydney home stagers tell us that knowing a few of the little tricks below will help you get a well-balanced room without too many sore muscles.

Measure Twice – Move Once
Here we borrow an adage from our brothers and sisters in the world of construction. They measure twice and cut once. Knowing the measurements of your room is a critical step in determining what furnishings you can use where. (It’s also handy to know the dimensions of your hallways and doors before you buy that elegantly massive modular sofa that won’t fit through the hallway.)
Also, get rough measurements for the furnishings you plan to be using in the room. (More about that later.)

Scale and Balance
Using furniture pieces that are similar in style and scale will give you a more serene space, conducive to rest and relaxation. The scale is essentially the size of the furniture pieces as they relate to one another and the size of the room itself. Remember, just like the room in which they are placed, each piece of furniture you place in your room has its own height, depth, and width, so keep that in mind as you create balance.

By creating a triangular grouping, for example a sofa with an end table on each end with a single piece or a collection of art above the centre of the sofa, you create a space that will make it appear as, not just several pieces stuck together, but as a single, three-dimensional whole. Whether you use the previous grouping or two chairs with a coffee table before them, you give your space more depth and an anchored feeling.

Symmetry or Not
Your body is symmetrical. You have an arm, a leg, an eye and an ear on each side. Using this same-ness or symmetry in a furnishing arrangement creates a soothing space. An asymmetrical arrangement – one in which there is not that mirroring we find in symmetry – creates a more exciting and unpredictable space.

Space is Also Important
No matter how beautiful your space appears to the eye, it is worthless if you cannot move between the pieces of furniture to actually use them.
• There should be about 45 centimetres between the table and the sofa to allow enough leg room, and still reach the table to put down your drink or book.

• When arranging your seating, allow from one to three metres between chairs or between the chairs and sofa.

• There should be approximately two metres between the television and the sofa or chairs used to view it.

• Keep your side tables at about the same height as the arm of your chair or sofa.

• Leave at least one metre of clearance in those areas where people walk around or through your space

When you are preparing your home for sale and are planning to use furniture hire Sydney home stylists suggest you bring your room measurements and a tape measure with you to the showroom. A scale drawing of your room will also be helpful. (Be sure doors and windows are marked on the drawing so that you don’t plan a grouping that interferes with traffic flow or the view.)
Furnishing and arranging a room in a house for sale should be done with care. An imbalanced or otherwise awkward room arrangement can make prospective buyers feel instantly uneasy. That’s the last thing you want.

When in doubt, follow a traditional pattern that will make buyers feel “at home”. Remember that one of the most important goals in staging a home is creating a welcoming sense of comfort and security. Buyers want to feel as if they could move right in and be ready to enjoy the ‘happily ever after’ they’ve been looking for.

Even if you are planning to stage your home yourself, remember that when it comes to the business of arranging the pieces, furniture hire Sydney specialists can help you make good choices. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we stand ready to help you select the best pieces for your house from our wide selection of furnishings. Come check us out.

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