Sydney’s home buyers are in the market for savings. When it comes to “must have” lists, buyers are even more interested in finding the perfect home that comes complete with energy efficiency. Even though home prices are inching downward at present, savvy buyers remember that after the sale, the cost of maintaining and living in the home is crucial. Perhaps the most important upgrades a seller can make are those that will save on energy bills say house stylists. Sydney buyers are serious about energy savings.

Part of this is the fact that today’s buyers, the millennials, are extremely environmentally conscious. They enjoy out-of-doors activities and would like the planet to be around for a while longer. However, these buyers also have an amazingly conservative mindset. They cut their teeth on the depression years of the first decade of this century – they are not wasters of anything. So these qualities of the millennial thought process make it worthwhile to consider energy upgrades to your house over purely aesthetic ones.

Before you set your renovation projects in motion, spend some time thinking about the ways and means to pare down your house’s carbon footprint.

It’s helpful to know that heating and cooling are by far the biggest energy users in any structure. These costs, however, can be minimised with a bit of thoughtful planning.

First of all, understand that we humans – even the millennial ones – are unlikely to spend much time in uncomfortable surroundings. We are probably not going to put up with rooms that are just too warm any more than we’re going to cut our shower time in half. Finding ways around discomfort is important if you really want to sell your house to an energy-miser

Insulate – insulate – insulate. Close the gaps in your house top to bottom with more insulation. This is one of the least expensive upgrades you can undertake and it will absolutely add points in the plus column when buyers consider your house.

Builders of new homes should be careful to orient the house to make the most of cooling breezes. If your house is past the planning stages, however, take heart. You really can retro-fit window placement by reconfiguring existing windows. You can swap out old-style picture windows for combination windows that provide for some ventilation. Yes. This can become spendy, but it will be a bonus for prospective buyers. In this market, having an edge with the buyer can be a really big deal. Talk to a window retailer and discuss your options.

Also, don’t forget skylights. Like windows, skylights can bring in natural illumination and reduce the dependence on artificial lighting sources. Also in terms of lighting, switch your fixtures to LED lights before you list the house. Buyers will take note.

The second largest energy hog in your house is probably your hot water heater.  That appliance works 24/7 keeping water hot and ready for showers, laundry, and dishes. Consider investing in tank-less heaters. These units are installed near the tap, and provide hot water on-demand. Yes. These units can also be expensive, but the savings on energy bills can be phenomenal.

Then of course there are solar panels. These panels are being used more widely than ever before and can be a huge advantage according to house stylists. Sydney buyers are increasingly likely to buy a house with such alternative power sources. If you can install them, do.

For the price one might spend in remodelling a kitchen or renovating a master bathroom these alternatives may make very good sense. The best advice we can give you is to have a heart to heart talk with the other members of your sales team, your selling agent and your home stager. Both professionals are aware of the benefits of improving your house’s energy profile in terms of appeal to today’s buyer. They will be able to give you educated opinions as to which improvements will make the biggest difference in your house’s sale price.

If you have not yet chosen the home staging firm you’ll use, remember that your success depends on the vision and the experience level of your house stylists. Sydney buyers are choosier than ever before. You need the best of the best. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today.

Image courtesy of Inuk Home.

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