Gaining the Upper Hand
A wise man once said, “All I ever wanted in life was an honest advantage”. With a bit of an edge, we all have a better than average chance to succeed in all that we do. When it comes to preparing your home or apartment to sell, there are many ways to give yourself an honest advantage. Property styling, the process of sprucing your place up to make it as beautiful and irresistible as it can possibly be, is probably the most effective tool you have.
Because property styling is not expensive in terms of the results it garners, Sydney real estate selling agents almost always suggest that it be the first step toward a successful sale. With a professionally staged home to show, selling agents share the edge with you — resulting in a win for both the agent and the seller.
When you think about it, it really is no surprise that a beautifully prepared home gets the advantage of being shown to many more prospective buyers than one that is plain or boringly vacant. When a house shows well, selling agents give it the star treatment it deserves. Because more people are actually viewing your home at the recommendation of a trusted selling agent, an atmosphere develops around your property establishing the spark of being an “insider tip”.
Another advantage property styling gives you is the ultimate gift of cash back. Because your house is being shown as a premium value, prospective buyers buy in. Your home will generate larger offers. Once buyers have fallen in love with your house, they won’t be easily discouraged. They will up their offers if it appears that somebody else may win the prize. This is precisely how bidding wars develop.
The seller also benefits in a way many people don’t give enough consideration. For every minute your property is not sold, it continues to cost you, the seller, big money. The mortgage payments, insurance premiums, electricity and water bills continue as time passes. Council rates and strata fees don’t stop just because your home is on the market. In short, the continuing costs of owning that property march upward and onward, leaving you with a bigger bill after the sale.
Sellers take great comfort in the fact that homes staged by experienced home stylists sell much, much faster than unstaged ones. The final sale, statistically, happens in days rather than months when the home or apartment is properly presented.
When it comes time to sell your home or apartment, it simply makes sense to gather up all the advantage property styling can bestow upon you and your property. Selling your home is the biggest and most important investment you will be likely to make in your lifetime. Of course, you want the biggest edge you can muster, and hiring the best property styling company available is the way you get just that.
Urban Chic Property Styling has been in the business of creating advantage property styling for decades. Before we became almost legendary in the property styling business, we were highly successful real estate selling agents. This gives us an advantage of our own. We have done it all. We know what works best. We know how to transform average homes into dazzling homes. We wring every ounce of education out of every new experience. This is what makes Urban Chic Property Styling the legend it has become.
At Urban Chic Property styling, we strive to learn all the lessons, both good and bad, found in every experience so that we can do our job flawlessly. This dogged dedication makes for spectacular sales for our clients. Having an honest edge in any phase of your work isn’t easy. In real estate sales, having and using the tools where advantage property styling can be brought to bear means bringing in the twin ringers of practice and experience. We have both. Call us today and see what makes our company the best staging service available in and around Sydney.

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