Getting a Foot in the Door

For those of you who have decided to stage your own homes, finding the furniture pieces to grace the living areas can sometimes be difficult. When it comes to furniture hire Sydney, vendors in the furniture rental business can usually help. Nevertheless, it can be problematic if their inventory is not in tip-top shape or is outdated in any way.

We occasionally catch a TV show that features a woman in the States who completely refurbishes stately older homes. She furnishes them from curbside treasures that fit the theme of an historic house. This is fine IF you’re working with a vintage home but, generally speaking, Sydney buyers are not looking to buy old mansions. Instead, today’s buyer wants upscale and contemporary.

One secret about selling a home is that logic plays little part in the decision to buy a house. There was a time when selling a home depended on the selling agent’s skill at making a home appear affordable and rational to the buyer. Now that we know that buyers are looking for emotional ties to the homes they buy, the entire way in which we market a property has changed.
The days of being dragged to vacant house after vacant house in your agent’s car are over. Today, buyers begin their shopping online. They start by weeding out properties that don’t inspire them at all. This can take weeks, in light of the number of properties available in Sydney’s market today. Doing this online is easy and with the fancy features real estate web sites now have to keep track of properties one does like, it’s quite efficient.

Should you imagine that it’s prudent to see if your house will sell as it is before investing in home staging, we would discourage this. When a property appears plain and unadorned online among the listings it rarely gets much attention. Without appropriate staging and furniture hire Sydney, even if a potential buyer adds the property to the “watch list” on the real estate agent’s website the buyer will eventually notice that there is little or no activity on the property. Buyers tend to interpret this lack of attention as a red warning flag. They very often come to believe that there’s something wrong with the house.

In order to generate interest online, your property needs to be properly dressed and photographed by professionals. (You may be groaning at the prices associated with these activities. Understand that such preparations for your house are merely part of the cost of doing real estate business. You will probably get every dollar back and then some when the house sells. Plus, it will do so in short order.
Having an excellent photographer who works often in real estate is also critical to getting you over the online shopping hump. The images you post of your home need to be not just spectacularly beautiful, but also appeal to the emotions of prospective buyers. Your photographer should be an old hand at making a house look like a comfortable refuge for today’s buyers. As in the prospect of hiring a property styling firm, without a doubt your selling agent will have suggestions as to whom you can trust to photograph your property.

In all, the house that photographs well has all the advantages in this first round. This is one of the reasons that your selling agent will almost immediately advise you to hire a home staging company. (They don’t often suggest that you stage the property yourself because the real estate game has become so very competitive. Only the most sophisticated, professional staging seems to capture the attention of buyers.)

Salesmen will tell you that ‘getting your foot in the door’ is the first step in making a sale. The same is true of selling property. By making a positive first impression on buyers online, you’ve made a big sale that much closer.
Making sure your property generates that all-important impression depends in part on the staging and furniture hire Sydney buyers count on. Before you decide to stage on your own, call a Sydney staging firm for a consultation. You may be surprised at just how little staging services cost.

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