Unstaged property is generally a thing of the past. Ever since some brilliant developer had the idea to stage just one of the new properties he offered calling it a “Display Home,” the world of real estate sales changed forever. Now the unstaged, unfurnished building with a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front yard is a dinosaur. Today we’re convinced –and rightly so – that staging property prior to listing it for sale is the way to achieve top-dollar sales.

Today, with the Sydney property boom fading ever so slightly, we are even more certain that staging property is a necessary step in keeping the real estate juggernaut moving Australia’s economy in the right direction.

The choosier buyers become, the more necessary good property styling becomes. Now that buyers have realised that they cannot have every last thing on their “must have” list, they are even more determined to get every item within their budget one way or another. One way sellers can help manage this is to bring in a home stager whose expertise lies in maximising your home’s potential.

Stagers are also brilliant when it comes to speaking directly to the buyer’s emotions.

There was a time not long ago when people in the real estate world didn’t recognise the crucial element of emotion in the process of selling a home. Scientists who work with advertisers of things like cars and shaving cream have long known that when you can ‘hook’ the emotional side of consumers, your job is mostly finished. In big buying decisions – cars, homes and holidays – the part of the human brain that controls emotions is deeply involved. It is here that such decisions are made. If you’re not appealing to the emotion of buyers, you’ve missed the boat.

Fortunately for those of us who have homes to sell, home stagers have long since taken the cue from advertising experts. When a stager approaches the dressing of a home for sale, they look for the thousand ways to engage the emotion of potential buyers.

Not every buyer is the same, of course. However, an exceptional stager has studied the psychological side of selling a home and is prepared to bring this powerful sales tool to bear. They know buyers very, very well. They know what those buyers like and they also understand the means by which the buyers make the ultimate decision. When the staging is done, the likes and needs are stitched up tight within the presentation of the product.

In the end, the price you get from your biggest investment, your real estate, depends on the way it strikes the buyer. We understand that the decision to fall in love with a property happens within seconds of entering the house. Your house’s first impression is crucial to its value.

As homeowners, we are likely to have become jaded in our view of the structures we call home. We’ve lost the thrill – which is probably why we’re leaving it behind for greener pastures. So, it’s up to your home staging professional to put a bit of lipstick and mascara on the old girl.

The right buyer is out there, but if you hope to find them, you need to make an extra effort, particularly in this market, to make the most of what you have to offer. If you were selling your old car, you’d clean it up and wax it. You’d buy a can of “new car scent” spray and give it the treatment. You need to do at least as much for your house. (Sans the spray can, of course.)

With the help of a good home stager, you can look forward to a successful home sale with fewer hassles and more satisfaction. Finding an exceptional home staging professional could be as easy as asking your sales agent. Because sales agents are well aware of the need for professional staging, chances are they already have a company with whom they work well.

When your sales agent urges you to get the help of a property styling wizard, ask them for recommendations. Chances are they will suggest Urban Chic Property Styling. We’ve been transforming houses in the Greater Sydney area for decades. Our reputation is a well-established one that has earned the trust of sales agents and home sellers across Sydney. Why not start this project with the best advice available? Call us today.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Stegbar Windows and Doors and Soul of Gerringong

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