A quick look around the social media world reveals that, in the world of fashion for the home, the breezy, coastal look of the Hamptons is hot, hot, hot. From Facebook to Pinterest, thousands upon thousands of ideas for home design and décor revolve around this beach-house-gone- uptown-chic interior trend. Named for Long Island, New York’s ultra-sophisticated holiday haunt for the rich and famous, the Hamptons style has found a home in Australia, where the casual yet classic design is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners everywhere.

Hamptons style captures the easy lifestyle of beach living with a few upscale furniture pieces and a colour palette that’s clean and inviting. It’s a magical combination of upscale stylishness and unexpected casual chic that makes you sure kicking off your shoes is totally acceptable. No wonder Australians love it. The feel is just as unpretentious as it is upscale.

According to the senior design team at Urban Chic Property Styling, one of Sydney’s premier home staging services, Hamptons style has taken Sydney by storm. With its many spectacular ocean vistas, the Sydney area is the perfect location for a Hamptons-style beach house, and many people who are planning to list their homes for sale this year are opting for a beachy look as they stage their properties.

Whether or not you happen to have a spectacular ocean view, you can approximate a Hamptons home with a few elemental changes.

• Go light and bright! Subtly warm whites, bright clear blues, and sandy taupes are perfect companions for the Hamptons mood. Walls, furnishings, floor coverings and window treatments should remind you of a sunny day at the beach.

• Furnishings should be classically simple in the same colour palette as your walls. Fabrics like linen and canvas feel right at home in the Hamptons, though something softer and cosier is always welcome as well. You can use that new contemporary coffee table, but don’t be bashful about adding a flea market find in worn, distressed wood – painted or not.

• Floors in weathered wood are the ideal, but use your imagination. If you don’t have a fortune to spend, consider one of the excellent new laminates to get the look for less. Use sisal rugs where possible, and throw in a few area rugs and runners with a nautical pattern or texture elsewhere. You want to create the notion that sandy footprints are almost expected.

• Window treatments should be light and airy. Gauzy sheers to blow in the sea breeze fit the bill. In areas where privacy is an issue, install blinds in white to block out prying eyes. Otherwise let the sun shine in.

• Décor for the Hamptons Style is, of necessity, nautical in nature. Think sea glass, wharf signs and driftwood.

If you don’t happen to have a warehouse full of nautical doo-dads and furniture to match, you can still stage your home with beach house flair. Companies like Urban Chic Property Styling have all the accoutrements to transform even an inner-city apartment into a Hamptons get-away. At Urban Chic, we take furnishings very seriously and have a warehouse full of the appropriate pieces for any number of stylish transformations, including the beachy casual feel you’re looking for.

By buying and maintaining the right furnishings, Urban Chic Property Styling can step into any home, anywhere, and create the perfect look. If you’re looking for uptown contemporary we have that too. In our business, it’s critical to be able to completely dress any home from beds to back yards in a style that appeals to flocks of potential buyers.

Best of all, with in-house movers, installers, their own trucks, and unparalleled designers, Urban Chic Property Styling can completely refurnish and dress your home in a matter of hours to help sell your home for more money than you’d dreamed of.
If you’re planning to list your home for sale this year, home staging is perhaps the most important step to ensure you reap the highest rewards. Whether you choose the Hamptons style or something more traditional, the staging team at Urban Chic stands ready to help you create a world of interest in your property. Call us today and let us generate maximum interest in your home.

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