Planning to sell your house? Moving up in the world? If you are, there’s no place better to be than the greater Sydney area. The real estate market here is on fire and if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market when spring rolls around, now is the time to prepare to hit the ground running. We consulted with a few of the top house stylists Sydney and discovered that both professional real estate sales agents and house styling pros agree that there are a few straightforward ideas that will get your house sold fast. You can also sell for more money than you’d ever imagined if you do it all by the numbers.

Clear Out the Clutter

The first and most sanity-saving thing you can do ahead of the rush to auction is to get rid of the things you no longer want or need. The professionals tell us that most of us keep and store things that we don’t even like. Sometimes it’s a gift from Great Aunt Hilda and you think you’ll feel guilty about tossing it. Well – pass it on to somebody who needs another toaster, don’t let it keep taking up space in your pantry.

Take one cupboard at a time and keep only those things that make you feel happy when you hold them. Send the rest to the op shop or hold a garage sale. Just get rid of the excess stuff that weighs you down and keeps your home from feeling spacious, light, and airy.

Rent a Storage Space

To be truly successful in your home sale, you have to create a space where perfect strangers can feel right at home. Buyers don’t want to see your family holiday photos or the gallery of little Timothy’s swimming competition wins. Rent a storage space and pack it all away until you are ready to move into your new place.

By clearing out your personal things you make way for a clean, clear, blank space where prospective buyers can imagine themselves as king and queen of the castle. Yes. You could remain in the home through the selling process, but why would you want to? Have a heart-to-heart with your selling agent and your house stylists Sydney. Buyers will not come to see a house that doesn’t WOW them from the start. In this market, you need to have everything precisely perfect in order to sell quickly. Besides all of that, can you really imagine having your doorbell ringing at odd hours with selling agents wanting to show the house? Life can be messy. Please don’t miss a sale because you have dirty dinner dishes in the sink.

Hire a Professional

Most homeowners would never try to sell their own home. The process is littered with little legalities and countless details. More importantly, unless you are already a selling professional, you probably don’t have the newest information that’s necessary to do it as well as a pro could. The same is true in the matter of house staging.

The home staging industry is positively alight with new and pertinent information about who is buying and why. By hiring a professional stager, you can take advantage of that proprietary data which could mean a quicker and more fruitful sale. A professional stager can custom fit your home to match the needs of the most likely buyers. Plus, it’s a bargain. The average cost to have your home staged by a professional home stylist is between one and three percent of the home’s asking price. The average return is dramatic. Houses that have been professionally staged sell for 12 to 17 percent more than the original asking price. What more can we say?

By hiring a pro to help you with preparing your home for sale you’ll not only save your sanity – this process can involve extensive cleaning, repairing, painting, and upgrading duties that can eat up countless hours of your valuable time – but also ensure that all work is done perfectly. Your stylist can look after both your budget and the buyer’s, leaving you free to prepare for your new lifestyle.
Selling your home is probably the biggest business transaction in which you’ll ever be involved.

Particularly in a market like this one, the process can easily represent the most significant leg up you and your family will ever enjoy. It can easily put you on a totally unexpected economic level. Of course, you want that new level to be a much higher one. The consensus is clear among real estate selling agents and house stylists Sydney — home sales, when done correctly, are a golden opportunity. Don’t miss yours.

V. Mason – July 14, 2017

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