Today’s home buyers are full of great expectations when it comes to looking for a new home. Now that staging and property styling Sydney – the business of strategically preparing a home or apartment prior to listing it for sale within the Greater Sydney area – has become the rule rather than the exception in today’s real estate world, buyers have learned to expect more from properties listed for sale. With the ‘window dressing’ bar thus raised, attracting buyers without the help of a competent stager has become that much more difficult.

Today’s buyer is looking for a package deal.

The package no longer includes just the fenced yard or the open fireplace. Real estate professionals, including the home stagers who have joined the sales team, understand that today’s buyer is younger, more ambitious, and very budget conscious. These buyers don’t mind spending money, but they do want to see what they’re getting in the bargain. They especially like it if the home they choose fits into the long-term goals they have for themselves. A buy-able home needs to speak of success and sophistication, and a good home staging company understands that.

Professional home stagers spend time on research. In order to do their jobs flawlessly, they must thoroughly understand the home buyers of today. By using surveys, studies, and other data-gathering tools, people in the staging and property styling Sydney industry gain the inside information that makes their services essential to a top-dollar real estate sale. Armed with this knowledge, a good stager can dress just about any home in a way that will appeal to many of the buyers who are most likely to be looking in a particular price range or neighborhood.

By using the science that identifies the buyer’s favoured colours, furnishing styles and choices in art and décor, the stylist can set the stage for a big sale. The process is not just about science, however. A good home stager, in order to match the buyer’s desires, must have an interior designer’s flair for what is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the buyer as well. The artistic component of home staging is just as critical as the scientific element. Put them both together, and you have a successful real estate transaction in the making.

This new real estate matrix is not unlike the way we now evaluate dining establishments. There was a time when a restaurant that provided good food in bountiful portions was the ultimate dining experience. As we have become more sophisticated in our tastes and expectations, we now want ambiance and elegance in our dining areas. Moreover, when our food arrives, we want it to be artfully presented and beautiful to behold. It’s no longer just about eating. It’s about eating well and feeding our other senses into the bargain.

So it is with home-buying today. These days, when a buyer seeks the perfect home, that buyer wants it painted, polished, and perfectly presented. Then they want it gift wrapped and tied up with a bow. Sellers who understand the new rules of the real estate game tend to walk away very happy indeed.

Real estate agents across Australia agree that choosing the right property styling company is as important as any other factor in the sale of your home. They encourage sellers to spend the money to have homes properly styled and staged – a cost which averages from one to three percent of the asking price of the home – in order to reap the benefits of the process. Homes that have been professionally styled tend to sell for MORE than the asking price. They also sell faster – in days rather than months – in most cases.

If you are considering the sale of your home or apartment, it pays to use all the tools at your disposal. Retaining the right company that has an intimate knowledge of staging and property styling Sydney is among the most important decisions you will make in the process of this transaction.

The ultimate selling price of your home will depend in no small part on the quality of the work your stager does. We recommend you call Urban Chic Property Styling first. Our sterling reputation and our vast experience will help your home rise to meet the great expectations of today’s home buyer.

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