Whether we are moving a few blocks or across a continent, moving into a new home can give us the giddy feeling of a fresh new chance to start over. But it’s not altogether that simple. Scientists tell us that moving can also be as traumatic as the death of a loved one. In the world of Sydney home staging, we help with not just staging property for sale, but also making the rigours of changing homes less catastrophic. At Urban Chic Property Styling, we like to think we can help make the move just a bit easier.

In this blog, we try very hard to help you find an easier way to do those things that will generate more money through the sale of your property. We offer tips and hacks to make all the little details of preparing a home so the sale flows more smoothly and leaves you hinged (as opposed to unhinged,) at the end of the move. Ultimately, we like to think that we are in a Sydney home staging partnership that works to help us both in the end.

We were excited over the past months to see that simplicity is making a comeback in and around Sydney. This subtle shift in priorities may be the influence of the Millennium Generation at work.
Millennials have come to be the biggest group of home buyers out there today. As a group, they seem to be interested in simplicity. They don’t want a house they have to be tied to. They like to get out and about in the great outdoors and they don’t seem to like anything that stands in the way of such activities. They are also very committed to protecting their environment. They want to leave a smaller footprint behind them.

This influence means we are not only reorienting ourselves in a way that speeds chores up, we are freeing up more time for enjoying ourselves, and we are also saving money in the process. Take cleaning supplies, for example.

Lately, we’ve relearned that we can effectively use non-toxic products that don’t destroy the planet for our cleaning chores. We have also come to understand that there is no need to spend baskets full of cash to get our ‘stuff’ clean. Inexpensive products you probably have on hand already, like plain old vinegar and baking soda, can clean just about everything in your house as you prepare to move.
Create Your Own Cleaning Supplies? Not so much.

If you were passing notes back and forth during chemistry class instead of listening intently, we urge you to pay attention now. You can get yourself into mighty trouble when you start concocting your own super cleaning solution.

If you mix ammonia and bleach together, the paramedics may have to remove you from the bathroom floor on a gurney. These two cleaners combine to create a toxic gas. Before you go nuts with the cleaning supplies, don’t.

The Dynamic Duo – Vinegar and Baking Soda
When you mix vinegar and baking soda, on the other hand, you get salty water. All that hype you read on Pinterest about what a stupendous cleaning solution you get when you mix these two powerhouses together is just hype. Because vinegar is an acid – acetic acid, to be exact – and baking soda – bicarbonate of soda — is a base. Combining the two releases some carbon dioxide so you get some foam that quickly dissipates. Then you have salty water.

Instead, try using baking soda as a non-abrasive cleanser for sinks, countertops, bathtubs, and tiles. (Along with about 72,000 other uses.) Use vinegar for washing windows, cleaning chrome, as a great rinsing agent for your floors, and a super disinfectant for anything you want disinfected. Use them mixed together if you want to reproduce the volcano effect you managed in Year 7 science class.
We hope to bring you a list of cheap, non-toxic, and generally earth-and-wallet-friendly-cleaning-agents in the days to come. “Clean” is one of the most important Sydney home staging tips we know to ensure your home sale is a huge success. We want to help you get to clean without also getting to broke.

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