Spring will come eventually. It always does. However, if a spring or summer house sale is in your future, now is an excellent time to give some thought to planting some money seeds in your kitchen. House stylists Sydney tell us that you don’t always have to invest in a major renovation to add value to your kitchen. Sometimes a few strategic changes can make all the difference and grow your home’s value considerably.

We’re talking a bit more here than changing your cupboard handles or adding blinds to your windows, but these suggestions are far less involved than a full-blown kitchen reno while having a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Upgrade Appliances

You don’t have to invest a tonne of cash to upgrade your appliances. Often you can take a step up for less by buying other people’s trade ins. Yes. There are people on the planet who get new appliances every two years. More likely, though, you’ll find that some people buy in haste then find that the fridge isn’t big enough, there isn’t enough space in the oven, or they want a commercial grade cooktop.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure the dealer you use is a reputable one. You don’t want to buy somebody else’s problems, but glitzy newer appliances are a sure-fire way to beef up your selling points. As you consider new appliances, remember that today’s buyer is most interested in economy for the long run. Look for appliances that are rated highly for their efficiency and that will, in time, reflect savings in the new owner’s bank account.

Add Cabinetry

Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a major project with untold, expensive difficulties just waiting to happen. Consider instead adding a few feature cabinets. Discuss the project first with your house stylists Sydney. Buyers are big on storage, so adding more of it is a win-win situation. Where?

Well, many kitchens have space between the main bank of cabinets and the ceilings. You can add cabinets there to increase storage space and, of course, buyer appeal. We don’t necessarily suggest this space is a good place for open shelving – too high to reach and to clean, which open shelving constantly needs. If open shelving is something you’d like to add, do it low enough that you can easily reach it.

An island is a dandy idea if your kitchen is large enough to accommodate one. Just make sure that after the island is finished, you’ll still have about a metre’s walking-space on each end. (You can go as low as 850 millimetres, but no smaller, please.)

Islands don’t have to match the rest of the cabinetry either. This is a spectacular place to repurpose that old buffet you found at a garage sale, or another piece of furniture that caught your eye. Again, talk it over with your home stylist before you start. It may be that it won’t add enough money to your ultimate sale to warrant the cost. So much depends on how much your house will sell for in your area to begin with.

Upscale Benchtops

Once the new island is in place, consider upgrading your kitchen benchtops and/or splashback. This can add a new layer of colour and texture to your amazingly new and different kitchen. Remember, granite is beautiful, but buyers are open to quartz and other stone as well. If that is out of your price range, composite materials are still very alluring.

In this market, you need to be able to bank on the expertise of both your selling agent and your home stylists before you make any expensive changes. We urge you to talk these possibilities over with your selling team and house stylists. Sydney’s real estate market is wobbling a bit just now. Your ultimate sale price may not justify a large investment in renovations, so having the best advice is critical to your sale. Know that you’ve got the best team possible. When the time comes to list your home for sale, be sure you have the home styling professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling in your corner.

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