Knowing that home buyers are on the lookout for opportunities to improve upon their less-than-stellar habits, we also know that staging homes for sale should include ways to make such new behaviours as easy as possible. For example, no matter where your house is located from Sydney proper to St George, we know that houses have wardrobes. We also know that buyers harbour a deep-seated need to better their organisational skills where wardrobes are concerned. That’s the best reason to know that in your property styling Sutherland Shire properties, steps taken to better organise wardrobe space are steps well taken.

Having better organised wardrobes does several things for the home seller. For one thing, any space that is well-organised appears larger and less stressful to the buyer. In our busy lives, we yearn for fewer stress-filled moments, so eliminating them in your listed home is always a goal worth pursuing.
In addition to making your space appear to be larger, using tools to make a wardrobe space less chaotic can make the prospective buyer feel more at home. (While it’s probably true that the buyer’s wardrobe in his or her own home is full of chaos, by demonstrating a plan for taming the chaos, you provide the buyer with hope.) If our goal is to make the buyer want to move into your home right away, and it is, then here are a few things anybody can do to fuel that feeling.


If you walked into your own wardrobe right now, you would probably see at least four different kinds of clothes hangers. This mish-mash of hangers makes your wardrobe automatically look busy and definitely NOT stress-free. One low-budget item that can bring serenity to your wardrobes are matching hangers. Make the investment in a matched set.

Buy a sufficient number of wooden hangers that can lend shape to the clothing stored on them. Also don’t forget to invest in ones that can be used to hang trousers and skirts as well. Even plastic hangers can work if they are all the same colour and size.

Hangers for men’s clothing are generally wider, so bear that in mind as you shop. TIP: Even if you are happily single, when you are staging your wardrobe for sale, include clothes from both genders. When the clothes of a single person are viewed by a prospective buyer it can send a signal that perhaps there is a divorce or other reason that the seller may be in a hurry to sell and might accept lower offers.

Double Hang

You don’t have to be a carpenter or woodworking wizard to create a double hanging space in your wardrobe. If you don’t have the tools or the know-how to add a second rod to your current set-up, there are kits available at your local home improvement store that can take the guess-work out of the project. Professionals at property management Sutherland Shire remind us to measure the length of your shirts and skirts as well as those items that will need full length hanging in order to make the most of the kit you buy. These kits can also help you add other features including shelving and/or drawers depending upon how adept you happen to be at following directions.

Use Vertical Space

We often neglect to use all the vertical space available to us. Look up and recognise that just because the shelves don’t extend to the ceiling doesn’t mean they couldn’t. Also, another vertical space that is often forgotten exists on the back of doors. Hang shoes on the back of your wardrobe door or, if you wish, buy a few of those handy specialty hangers that can effectively corral scarves, belts, and/or ties. Install a towel rack on the back of your door and fit it up with shower curtain rings. These rings can be used to hang things like tank tops, leaving sometimes precious hanger space for other items.

Round out your wardrobe plan with bins and baskets – properly labelled, of course – to hold seasonal items or things you might not use every day. Over all, your newly organised wardrobe space will look larger and will convey the message that anybody (including the buyer) can whip their own belongings into shape, leaving one less stressful moment to be filled with happier pursuits.

These changes don’t have to be terribly expensive but they are of great value. Professionals at property styling Sutherland Shire tell us that these kinds of improvements create eye-candy for the prospective buyer and will surely increase the value of your home in the buyer’s view.

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