Making a buyer fall head-over-heels in love with your property is the fondest hope of any seller. It’s also the goal of every selling agent and any property stylist you employ. The reason, as we’ve recently learned from scientists who study consumer’s buying decisions, is because choosing a house is driven by the buyer’s emotion. Yes. While only about 10 percent of the human brain controls emotion, it’s that very 10 percent that weighs heaviest when big spending decisions happen. If you don’t love it, you probably won’t buy it. That’s why taking great pains in your property styling for sale is key to getting the biggest profit from the sale of your home.

This is a lesson that’s come home around the globe, and is especially important in real estate markets as tricky as Sydney’s is. Because buying a house here is such a big, big investment, buyers want every bell and whistle included in the final price. That includes the emotional factors as well as the tangible ones.

Of course, buyers want a roof that keeps the rain out and lights that come on when they flip the switch, but those elements of a home sale are driven more by the buyer’s need to feel safe and secure than they are by the need to save money on repairs. Buyers need to see that their home choice meets their basic need for comfort and safety.

Buying a home, like choosing a life-mate, also depends a great deal on shared goals and ambitions. When an upwardly mobile millennial couple looks at a house that could be their home for the next 20 to 30 years, they are probably imagining themselves entertaining their boss and the gang at the office for a backyard barbeque. (If it makes them feel successful, they might make an offer.) They may be imagining where to put the Christmas tree, and where the in-laws will sleep when they come to visit. In other words, they are determining whether or not the house dove-tails with their own picture of the future.
If a house makes buyers feel successful, secure, and satisfied with themselves, they are more apt to make an offer. All of this means that before you list your house with a selling agent, you’ll want to do everything you can to capture the attention and, more importantly, the emotions of potential buyers. This is where you call the most reputable property styling company you can find.
It’s important that you recognise that property styling for sale is far different than, say, employing an interior decorator.

Interior decorators have an entirely opposite goal from those of property stylists. The interior decorator’s job is to make your home a statement about you and your family. That particular professional uses your tastes to decorate the rooms to match the personality of you – the current owner. The property stylist comes in to erase that work.

A property stylist must make a house become a viable canvas upon which potential buyers can project their own hopes and dreams for the future. In order to do this, the house must become less like one individual. It needs to become more neutral but still breathtakingly beautiful. The stylist’s job is to foster those feelings of safety, security, and success for not just one person or one family, but for the broadest possible range of potential owners. It’s a tall order.

Dressing your house for success in terms that many, many potential buyers can relate to is not easy. That’s why it’s important for you to find the most successful and insightful property styling firm you can. Look for a firm that has been exercising staging skills effectively for as many years as possible.
We at Urban Chic Property Styling have been involved in successful real estate sales for decades – first as selling agents, then as stylists. Our experience, our education, our expertise and our impeccable style gives us all the qualifications necessary to capture the attention of buyers, and evoke the ‘feelings’ that make a big sale possible. When you are ready to make your home ready for new owners, call us. We have just what it takes to make your home irresistible.

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