As you prepare your house for sale, it’s helpful to consider the ways in which you can create the most alluring property possible. It’is no secret that the advantage styling can bring to your place is very real. Creativity is also one of the most affordable ways to make your place stand out from the crowd. Sure. You could spent a fortune renovating or adding outdoor amenities, but the fact is, it’s also possible to rethink your rooms to give them more adaptability.

A recent article in tells us that one in five Australians endure a two-hour commute every day in order to attend work. In a climate where working from home is increasingly possible, perhaps repurposing that third bedroom is in order. Creating a home office is a great idea, but an even better one if you can also give that room an element of adaptability by throwing in a guest-room option. The way you stage a room can open a world of possibilities to the would-be buyer.

Since creating a home office-guest room requires little or no construction costs, it’s easy and cheap to present a multi-purpose room.  By giving your prospective buyer more options, you can broaden your target market.

Those people who work from home know that there are things they simply must have if they are to be successful. For one thing, they need a door. Freelancers who use online job portals such as Upwork or Indeed say having a space that can be closed off from other household activities is extremely important. Those who hope to find a way to earn a living without facing that daily commute should have a dedicated place for their work-related activities – you can benefit from the advantage styling an office can present.

Working at home takes lots of discipline. It can be difficult to mentally separate your work time from your home time in the beginning, work-at-home employees tell us. The best way to develop an office atmosphere is to go into the work room and lock the rest of the world away.

Children and spouses tend to think that when the worker is at home, they are available. The discipline necessary to work from home, then, must be developed by other family members in addition to the worker. (Invest in a Do Not Disturb or Work in Progress sign to hang on that all-important, closeable door. If it’s the little ones who interrupt you, hanging the sign at their eye level works best.) Kissing them all good-bye when you “go to work” can also help to make the line between work and home more indelible.

Any room will do for an office, but thinking it through and choosing carefully will help to make it “real.”  As you select the room for your office, look for the space furthest from the kitchen and living room. If you have little family members who might be prone to interrupting the worker, the best remedy is to be as far away from the hub of activity as possible. A space that’s off the beaten path is best. If you have an unused room above the garage or in the attic, it’s the perfect place to establish your home office. You and your employer deserve to make this opportunity a workable one that allows you to continue to be as productive as if you were in the REAL office.

When you decide to present an office option, be sure to add a day bed or futon that doubles as a sofa or some other sleeping option for guests. You just want to avoid anything that shouts BEDROOM or NAP. There will be days when the worker is sorely tempted.

Buyers are looking for living space that meets their needs and, while not all prospective buyers have the opportunity to work remotely, they will appreciate your thoughtful approach. This relatively new trend toward working from home is one of those innovative ideas you ought to implement in your home-staging strategy. The more options you can suggest in your staging, the better advantage styling will offer in the long run.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Geometrik Design.

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