Home stagers work hard to transform their clients’ homes from everyday or even fabulous to absolutely irresistible to help sellers obtain the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time. Real estate styling professionals stay abreast of the latest interior design trends to present their staged properties in the best possible light.

Home staging a property is key and it’s all about staying abreast of interior design trends. Using mainly neutral colours and sophisticated modern themes, it appeals to a wide home-buying demographic and suits the style of a home. So, if you’re selling your property and have decided to engage a home stager, here are some interior design trends your stylist might recommend:

Coral Colours

Interior design trends are moving on a tad from a penchant for function, with designers this year choosing a brighter palette combined with artistic elements. Although home stagers aim to keep everything low-key and neutral so a home appeals to a larger market, a feature wall in Living Coral, which is the colour-matching company Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, would add some interest to an ordinary room. The pink-orange shade imbues optimistic warmth, and hits of coral give minimalist spaces a hint of playfulness. Other shades include lemon yellows and pale greens, light neutrals such as toast and mushroom used in lighting, artworks and kitchen cabinets.


Accent on Gold

Over the past few years, there’s been a strong focus on copper and matte accents expressed in lighting and tapware. This year, there’s a leaning towards high gloss, true golds for fresh, sophisticated and updated interiors. There are natural, gleaming wooden pieces with crisp, golden highlights that also double as art which are also sure to appeal to buyers.


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Organic Shapes and Materials

Organic shapes that will be dominant in 2023 interiors range from serpentine sofas with supple bends and enveloping tub chairs. There’s a fervent interest in ‘biophilia’ which is about humans seeking connections with nature, now expressed in natural, organic materials like stone and clay, jute, rice paper, wood, plant life, and natural light.

The seamless indoor/outdoor trend is probably with us forever, since our technology-driven society has made us nostalgic for nature and the handicrafts of the past. The trend prioritises comfort without compromising on style and is able to be worked into any interior design, making it great for home staging.

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Eco Furniture

Interior designers love the shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly furniture since it is a chance for them to be more creative. Buyers are turning away from mass-produced furniture items with unique, bespoke styles providing more character. This year, furniture made entirely from recycled goods and environmentally-friendly material has a purpose, though it is now sleek and stylish. Furniture and living room décor trends have one foot in the modern and the other in retro but also dip the toes in futuristic trends, even as far as 2023 trends.

The styles are unique, stylish, and elegant and home stagers will choose décor that will take a buyer’s breath away. After all, buyers will compete for a property if they’re emotional about it, according to Urban Chic Property Styling’s Creative Director Juliana Gowen. She says the company’s home stylists can stage a vendor’s property inside and out, right down to the last soft furnishing, artwork, and décor item.

Urban Chic’s team styles properties across all price ranges, from budget apartments to multi-million-dollar luxury mansions, drawing from a range of furnishings to tailor a style that suits each individual property rather than taking a ‘general-purpose’ approach. If you’re considering listing your property for sale, why not consider real estate styling to give you the best chance of a quick sale and plenty of offers at the highest price? Call Urban Chic Property Styling on 0289597789 or email info@urbanchic.net.au.

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