The average home owner understands that money spent to upgrade bathrooms and kitchens is a great way to enjoy a huge return on investment. Unfortunately, when we watch the DIY channels on television, what we’re seeing is a massive makeover on an even more massive budget.

The results are spectacular – at that price, they should be. What about the rest of us? What about regular home owners who have a shoestring budget and very little time to prepare our homes for sale? Home stagers in the city and suburbs around Sydney tell us that the art of property presentation Sydney can be accomplished at little cost as compared to the potential gains.

When a home is properly prepared for the market by a professional styling company, the property invariably sells quickly.

When you calculate the cost of mortgage payments, insurance premiums, continuing utility bills, and council rates, the cost of a long listing can run into many thousands of dollars. A quick sale at a mighty price is what every homeowner is looking for – and is most often netted by the homeowner who is savvy enough to follow the advice real estate agents give most often: “First: have your home professionally staged.”

What do lay-people miss when they attempt to stage their own homes? It could be any number of things. Professional stagers spend considerable amounts of time and money studying the preferences of buyers in any of the several buyer niches. They know long before they walk into your home what the baby boomer buyer wants in terms of wall colour, furniture style, and appliance finishes.

Because they gather information constantly through focus groups, studies, and surveys, they know precisely how your most likely buyer will react to the wallpaper in your master bathroom and, if changes are indicated, can tell you what changes will be most productive.

Once your home styling company understands your budgetary constraints, they can give you the best advice about how to spend your staging dollars. If you can, for example, only upgrade one or two rooms, your stylist will tell you specifically how to proceed in order to fetch the highest price possible.

People who truly understand property presentation Sydney might suggest simply painting the kitchen cabinets rather than replacing them. Then they can tell you the best colour paint to use and which drawer pulls will get the best reaction from potential buyers.

In other words, people on a budget must spend every dollar strategically. Only a professional home stager can give sellers the inside information that will serve to intensify the overall effect and snag the best sale. The services of a tried and true home styling expert is consistently the best investment one can make in a competitive real estate market like Sydney.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we understand that it’s impossible to please every buyer in today’s market. For that reason, we gather the most information we can about your home and its amenities, then work to make those sale-points work for you. We style homes to meet the needs of the broadest spectrum of potential buyers possible.
Home sales, like all other sales driven industries, depend upon ‘universal appeal’ to capture the interest of the buyer. The more people who see your home, at its property presentation Sydney best, the more offers to purchase your home will be generated. The chances of getting a higher than expected price go up as more people begin to appreciate what you’re offering.

Putting a fine polish on your home by employing a reputable home styling firm is the first step toward getting top dollar for your home. Allow us to show you how to make your home all that it can possibly be without busting your budget.

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