If, as a home seller, you feel a bit like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck, we understand completely. With all the doom and gloom chanted daily in the media, you probably feel paralysed with uncertainty. Should you prepare to sell your home now? Should you wait for the market to become less turbulent? Is it still important to stage your home if you do choose to sell? How important is your property presentation Sydney as the vital thriving city it continues to be is moving ahead in spite of the media.

The best advice we’ve seen concerning the current flux in real estate sales came in a recent Domain.com article (find it here.) When you distill the article down it could be reported in two words. Chill out.

This correction in the housing market is not nearly as precipitous as we might think. According to reporter Chris Kohler who wrote the article  “Sydney homeowners might see their property’s value fall by around $22,400 in the year ahead – a 2 per cent fall, according to the latest report from BIS Oxford Economics. But that’s less than half the $54,675 the city’s house price median climbed in just three months between September and December 2016,” he concludes.

All well and good, you might say. It’s not Kohler’s house losing 23 grand in a heartbeat. Oh, so true. Alas. That is the nature of the beast. In real estate as in all markets, it’s important to keep your sense of perspective. Markets bound up and down and – thankfully – up again. It’s all a roller coaster ride and your job is to hang on and survive the ride.

Depending on your particular circumstances, you may choose to wait to sell. Some people are doing so. Others can look back a year or so and remember that they would have been tickled pink to get that pre-boom 2016 price back then. Looking at the larger picture can stop the paralysis and allow you to move one way or the other.

If a move is a certainty for you because of job or other situation changes in your life, be bold. Know that, that ‘big price’ you were counting on before the adjustment was just cotton candy. It was all fluff – maybe thinking of it in this way will soothe your sorrow. Besides, even with a likely 10 percent drop in housing prices over the coming year, prices are still 60 percent higher than they were in 2012! Perspective.

Meanwhile, if you’re selling know this. With more houses on the market for sale, your job is to make yours totally unforgettable.

Buyers have so many houses to choose from that they will naturally be extremely selective. They want what they want and if it’s packaged properly with an eye toward perfect property presentation Sydney, they’ll buy. Now more than ever before, you need the best sales team you can muster.

Your sales team begins with a really excellent selling agent with a tried and true sales record. We suggest you look for somebody with enough years in the industry to know how to handle a market in flux. That experience will serve you well. Secondly, you need the very best property stylist in Sydney to do your staging.

It stands to reason that if you want the highest price possible for your property you’ll need to make it superlative. You’ve no choice beyond outshining the competition. An excellent home stylist can make that happen. With an experienced stylist who, like your selling agent, has abundant experience, you can still get that big price – or close to it. People will buy what they think they simply cannot live without.

At Urban Chic Property Styling we were selling agents before we became home stylists. We understand precisely what it takes to make a house irresistible. We’ve been transforming houses for decades. We know how to get our clients positive results in even uncertain markets. We are experts in property presentation. Sydney markets demand just that.

When you decide to sell, bring in the company that has mastered the art of property presentation Sydney. On this roller coaster, you cannot afford less that the best. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today – put our experience and our expertise to work for you.

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