You may have learned all about staging property from those inspiring television programs about “flipping” real estate. One can certainly gain an understanding of the way the real estate world turns by tuning in to such programs. Of course, few of us have the financial wherewithal to do things on such a grand scale. Apart from the cosmetic changes to the house, painting, cleaning, and any updates one might choose to undertake, to stage a home properly you essentially need a large supply of beds, sofas, and other furniture to re-equip the old place from top to bottom. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that property staging companies are popping up all over the Sydney area.

Beware, though. Not all staging companies own the furnishings they use. Frequently, smaller companies rely on companies who rent the furnishings they rent to you. They can certainly keep their business investment to a minimum in this way, but you, as a client, have no guarantee that the furnishings you get will be what you want. You basically get what you get.

Other companies, particularly the successful ones that have been around for a while, own a large inventory of furnishings specially chosen and carefully maintained. This collection enables such a company to stage a property perfectly with pieces designed to work together in harmony. The beds and the end tables in the family room all speak the same language of style. It is a carefully constructed cocktail of perfectly compatible ingredients, all of which lends a continuity that adds to the ambiance of the property.

How does one determine which style and what furnishings to use? We don’t aim to give away many trade secrets here, but there are baskets full of factors to be considered. Not only is there the architectural style of the home itself, but also – and this is where those mystical secrets come in – specialists in staging property are actually able to profile the likely buyer of any property with uncanny accuracy.

People who buy property in Sutherland Shire have some common characteristics. Those who make X dollars each year tend to prefer this architectural style over that one. People in one age group prefer this family of colours, and their parents have an entirely different idea of what colour makes their world more comforting.

And comfort turns out to be one of the top requirements for buyers in any age group or financial strata. What humans want in their home is safety, security, and comfort. And, they will pay as much as they must to get those qualities in a home.

Comfort may mean one thing to a member of the baby boomer generation and quite another to the millennial, but your property styling professional makes it his/her business to understand and implement what those differences may require. Boomers, for the most part, like big backyards and overstuffed furniture. Millennials tend to look for comfort in simplicity and energy efficiency, which gives them the funding to go out and enjoy their weekends parasailing.

Both groups want a house to speak to their souls. They want to read “welcome home” in the way the colours in the artwork stand out or the way the light shimmers on the kitchen countertops. It really is mystical in a way that only a truly experienced property stylist can create. When all is said and done, your buyers want to know that this set of walls, ceilings, and floors represents a home that will shelter them and allow them to nurture their dreams.

When you are ready to list your property for sale, call in the experts at staging property. Allow our design team to coordinate everything, if you wish, from cleaning to painting and the precise presentation of books on the shelves of your study. We have a number of property styling options to match your budget, and we have years of experience behind us – experience that sets us apart from other companies.

At Urban Chic Property Styling we stand ready to serve you with one of the largest furniture inventories in the area; and we have the talent, the inspiration, and the style savvy to put the pieces all together in a way that spells comfort to your buyer.

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