If they’ve put off preparing their home for sale because of the somewhat grim real estate news of a shifting market, people in Sydney’s Western Suburbs can take heart. Even though the market is making the transition from a seller’s market to one where the buyer has the upper hand, people will still need housing. Don’t toss the phone numbers of selling agents and specialists in property styling Western Suburbs in the bin just yet. The market isn’t dead. It’s just changing and for those in some suburbs, the timing for this change might be fortuitous.

Obviously, people need access to Sydney’s Central Business District, and it seems that Government planners are meeting that need. Even though the CBD South East Light Rail is still nearly a year behind schedule, help is on the way in the form of more and better bus routes. As the commute to Sydney’s CBD becomes easier thanks to the announcement of additional new bus routes earlier this month, those whose livelihood depends on good transportation will soon find the Western Suburbs even more attractive.

Home sellers in Sydney’s Western Suburbs may soon discover that now is an excellent time to put their properties on the market for sale in spite of the softening of the overall housing market.

With all of that said, the market is still trending to a more challenging one for sellers. With additional homes on the market today – about 26 percent more than last year – buyers have the luxury of time and the ability to be very selective in choosing their new digs. This means a bit of extra effort on the part of sellers but it does not necessarily mean more expense.

The step of professional home staging is an excellent example. Since buyers are looking to find more for less, bringing in a home stager to boost the overall appeal of your property is a no-brainer. These real estate professionals have the art of making small houses look larger and plain properties look spectacular down to a science. They represent the ideal skill set in making your house more irresistible than ever. Those who worried that home staging will be a big extra expense can rest easy.

Statistics prove that the expense of home staging is almost always offset by the buyer’s willingness to spend more for houses that are professionally staged, even in a softening market. Even better, homes that have been professionally staged sell faster. This also presents itself in the seller’s plus column since the ongoing expenses of having a home listed for sale stop sooner. A house that lingers on the market for months rather than weeks continues to cost the seller in big ways – ongoing mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and overall upkeep. A good home staging team can help to stop the bleeding from your bank account.

Buyers who have been hesitant to consider suburban housing because of their need to get quickly and efficiently into the CBD, may be ready to take the leap as the commute to work becomes easier. Be ready.

Now is a great time to take that initial step even if you are not yet ready to list your home. The more time you have to prepare your house for sale, the better. Getting ready to move can be challenging in and of itself. When you have time constraints, it can become a nightmare. Consulting with a professional home staging company whose expertise lies in property styling Western Suburbs sooner rather than later can give you the extra time you might need to take care of repairs and upgrades according to your schedule and budget.

As you approach the big job of preparing your property for sale, don’t forget that by putting yourself into the hands of a really good sales team, you eliminate much of the stress and angst associated with selling a home. Having not just an excellent selling agent but also a sensational home stager in your corner can make the entire process much easier and far less painless. The sooner you huddle with your team, the sooner you can begin to breathe easier.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of CSR Gyprock Plasterboard and Corinthian Doors.

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