We all know that making the most of your home’s positive attributes is the best way to sell your house or apartment. We all know to accentuate the positive and do our best to call attention away from the glaring – and sometimes not-so-glaring – negatives that come with the place we call home. Before you can get around to selling your place though, you sometimes have to overcome lots of unfortunate facts. Of all the good work a home staging professional can accomplish to make your home more irresistible, knowing how to make the most of the down sides may be the most valuable aspect of staging your home to sell.

There are just some things you cannot change and/or direct your buyer’s attention around. A neighbourhood with a high crime rate isn’t helpful, nor can you easily fix the statistics. However, you can improve the interior looks and feel of your house or apartment. You can even make the rest of the neighbourhood look better from the inside out. Especially if your home has an unfortunate view to the world, there are a few things you can do with the help of your stager to make looking out a bigger pleasure.

When your living room window looks out on a used car lot or a parking lot, inspiring buyers isn’t all that easy. If your sliding patio doors overlook a busy shopping mall you may wish you could make that view a little less visible. Well, with the help of your home staging professional there are ways to improve the views from your house or apartment. Here are some suggestions on how you can “make the world go away” without breaking your budget.

Consider Film: When your view is nothing to write home about, consider obliterating it. Today’s window film manufacturers make an astonishing gallery of films from stained glass to etched art glass that can instantly give you a sense of security. These patterned films are made to adhere to your windows, giving you privacy, or beauty, or both.

Practice the installation technique a few times with a small piece of the film until you get the system down pat. Handle the film as little as possible since it will become creased if it is over-handled, and such faux pas will be visible in the final product.

Get the help of a friend and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Most of all, prepare to be patient. The steps are fairly simple; measure the piece to be installed, spritz the window with water, remove the film’s backing, and then slide it onto the glass. The tricky part is to make it smooth and bubble-free using a squeegee. The process is not unlike hanging wallpaper, only lots less messy. With a little time and patience, you can instantly put your ugly surroundings to rest.

Sheers and/or Sheer Blinds

When staging your home to sell, you know you want to retain all the light your windows can bring to bear, so you don’t cover your view with heavy, oppressive draperies. Instead, opt for installing sheers and/or sheer roll up blinds. These will let the light shine in and block the unhappy view in the process.

Hang Plants for Distraction

There is nothing quite so effective at making a view disappear as putting something between you and it. By hanging plants indoors and out, your ugly view of the factory down the street will fade into the distance where it belongs. Another way to bring the power of greenery to bear on your view is to install a vertical garden or ‘green wall’ If your situation allows, you can create a planter wall outside your window that acts as a trellis where vines can grow. As they do, they will provide not just a distraction from an unpleasant view, they will serve as a noise buffer to bring even more tranquillity to your space.

These ideas will help you to improve your outlook on the world and, more importantly, make your home more appealing to prospective buyers. When it comes to staging homes to sell, your professional home designer has many more tricks and tips to share. A home stager can be your best ally in improving the outlook at your house.

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