Preparing your house for sale in the Greater Sydney Area is a little different than it is elsewhere. Because Sydney is considered to be one of the most beautiful and gracious places to live in the world, we have much to live up to. Property presentation Sydney requires a little extra work on details than other places might, simply because it’s going to cost more to get Joe Buyer into a house or apartment here than it does elsewhere.

When you’ve decided on the selling agent who will be representing you, it’s a very good idea to walk through the property with your agent. Bring your pad and paper. The two of you will want to discuss everything from the age of the roof to the average cooling bill in the summer. This is standard stuff in any real estate sale.

After you have an idea about what the larger issues may be in the sale of your house, your agent will undoubtedly ask you to call a property styling company to take care of (at least) the furniture hire. Sydney buyers are most attracted to a fully staged home – they want to know how the rooms work together.

Depending on the time you have to devote to getting the property ready for sale, your choice of home styling companies can take on other aspects of the property presentation. There will almost always be interior painting and cleaning to be done when you and your family finally leave the place. There are also apt to be repairs.

Repairing all the little dings and gouges in your walls, floors, and doors can be a very minor project, but it’s still critical to the final price you will get for your property. Of course, there are often bigger repairs to be handled and, depending upon the time you have to putter with it, you may want your property stylists to oversee those repairs as well.

Particularly if you and your family are moving a great distance, it’s such a comfort to have a really good firm in charge of your property presentation Sydney. Home styling professionals usually have a list of contractors who can handle everything from that roof we mentioned earlier to the patching of the cracks in the driveway. You set the budget and your stylist supervises. If you can walk away from the chores and get on with your life without taking a hit on the selling price, so much the better.

Remember that any incomplete repairs or flaws in your house will manifest themselves in downward adjustments to the offers. It will be in your very best interest to make sure they are done and done well. If you have to leave your house in the hands of others, your selling agent will help you with selecting the best property stylists. In property styling, reputation is everything – especially if you can’t be there to sign off on the finished project.

If you fully understand the dynamics of this part of the real estate industry, you’ll have more peace of mind.

In the end, it comes down to this. Your selling agent and your staging company want you to sell your house for the very best price possible. Your agent will see the results in his/her commission. The property styling company will be able to add your spectacular sale to their list of huge accomplishments, and will absolutely reserve bragging rights. You, of course, will reap the benefits as well.

Other agents have the same cash incentive to sell your house for more money than even the asking price. The bigger the sale, the bigger their commission will be. So, when these real estate pros find a WOW house, they will show it more often. In real estate, as in all sales, the more time your property spends in front of buyers, the better. The property will sell quicker and it will bring more money.
The results of really good property styling are almost unbelievable. For example, a professionally styled property will sell in a matter of days (on average 11) rather than the three months or more it can take to sell an unstaged property.

We at Urban Chic Property Styling hope that when it comes to your home you will allow us the opportunity to take care of the property presentation Sydney. Selling agents and other real estate professionals know that we set the standard for staging. Call us when the time comes.

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