It can be a challenge to understand exactly what generates a home’s value when there are so many different factors behind the final figure achieved. However, there’s one thing agents and home stagers know about the psychology of selling: it helps enormously to use advantage styling to stage a home in such a way that a wide range of home buyers can visualise themselves living in the house. 

Styling continues to gain in popularity as sellers realise a relatively small investment in professional styling can create a substantial return on their final property sale price,’’ says Juliana Gowen, Creative Director at Urban Chic Property Styling. “‘With the slowing of the Sydney property market, sellers now more than ever have to do everything possible to stand out from the crowd and attract the maximum number of buyers in order to get the best possible price.’’

A survey of agents from a leading Australian real estate chain found that professional styling may improve the final price of a property by up to 12.5 per cent. Considering many homes in Sydney sell for around a million dollars, that’s a great return on investment. 

Styling Creates Feelings 

The truth about real estate, the buying and selling of homes or anything else, really, is that choices are not necessarily made rationally. Buyers and sellers see homes in different lights. Sellers see them as a collection of fond or even sad memories while buyers see a home as a launching pad for hope and change. Home styling or home staging gives everyone the opportunity of capitalising on the things in life that really matter. 

Staging a home for sale will transform it to prevent sellers from allowing their emotions and nostalgia to be a barrier to serious offers by creating a neutral zone on which potential buyers can project their own ideas of design and style. By providing buyers with this fresh, sophisticated and uncluttered perspective, it can elicit feelings that can eventually translate into the sought-after ‘bidding war’ between potential buyers

Staging Highlights a Home’s Best Features 

While forecasting an exact price on the net returns of home styling to sell a property is beyond most estate agents and home stagers, there is a lot of hard evidence proving it can make a difference when attracting home buyers. 

Home stylists are expert when it comes to transforming their clients’ homes best features into irresistible focal points that potential home buyers truly remember. Buyers typically inspect dozens of homes in short periods of time which makes one home easily morph into the next in their minds. However, if something about a house grabs them, the images stay in their memories and they will likely return for a second look and possibly buy the home. 

Without some strong image to take with them, potential buyers might simply dismiss the property and so it slips to the bottom of their list. 

A home looking outdated, tired, and neglected might only attract house flippers or bargain hunters even if the structure of the building is sound. However, a professional home stager will know what to repaint, whether light fittings need updating and much, much more. Stylists also know exactly how to position the furniture in a room and exactly where certain items should be placed to create the right ambience that will make memories in the minds of serious buyers and quick sales at top prices.

Urban Chic has an amazing team of skilled real estate advantage styling and home staging professionals who strive to provide the highest standard of customer service, home staging and furniture hire Sydney-wide. If you’re interested in staging your home to sell and want the very best, then look no further than Urban Chic. Call your local Urban Chic home stylist today on (02) 8959 7789 or email

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