In the beginning, the work involved in the preparation of your home to be listed for sale may seem insurmountable. There really is a long list of things to do. There is the sorting and decluttering of your home; removal of personal photos and family memorabilia. Then there is the painting, followed quickly by the deep cleaning of each and every surface in the entire house. Finally, you are faced with furnishing – and furniture styling Sydney homes can be tricky.

It happens that each set of buyers is unique. Each individual or group that walks through your front door, or more likely, scrolls through your home’s photos online to begin with, has a different take on what is attractive and comforting about a home and its furnishings. It’s precisely this reason that compels most homeowners to seek the help of a professional home stylist to do the technical work of selecting furnishings for your staged home.

The fact is, it really is extremely technical work. It goes far beyond choosing a few pieces of furniture and placing them in a room. Professional home stylists have a far more detailed mandate. The reason that homeowners use their services is that stylists have a very precise snapshot of potential buyers who will be interested in your home. They come by this knowledge by way of extensive research, including surveys, studies, focus groups, and the weight of experience that tells them exactly what kind of person will want your home.

The snapshot of your buyer is the result of a whole host of questions that a stylist can interpret through their extensive data. Things that matter here include how your house is priced – the amount of money a buyer might be willing to spend says much about them. For example, their price range sends signals about what kind of work they do and where, in relation to your home, they may work each day.

The buyer’s age speaks volumes. It can tell your stager which style of furnishings offer the best results. Buyer’s age can differentiate between the two largest buying markets in the world today. Will your buyers be baby boomers or millennials? Baby boomers generally like cushy furnishings and more opulent surroundings. Millennials, on the other hand, fall for more contemporary — even sparse — furniture styling Sydney.

The buyer’s age, along with the number of bedrooms they are seeking, can generally pinpoint if there will be children, or how many children, they might have living in the home. This opens up an entirely new set of contingencies. People with children want certain things in a home that empty nesters generally don’t need or want.

Paint colours, too, can be dictated by these factors. More highly educated prospective buyers – those who are looking in a higher price range – may have more sophisticated colour preferences because they work in buildings that offer high-end services. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and architects who spend many hours each day in stylishly decorated offices may prefer gray and taupe over beige and cream. The colour, of course, leads back to the furnishings, art, and décor your stylist chooses to complete the dressing of your home.

Of course, anybody can put together a presentation package using neutral colours and furnishings that appeal to a wide variety of people. But without precision, it’s really all just guesswork and high hopes. Professional home staging companies, on the other hand, have access to the proprietary information necessary to narrowly define your home for the precise people who will fall in love with the space. The guesswork is eliminated and the chances of creating a perfect place that appeals to your buyer increase incredibly.

If you are struggling with deciding whether or not to have your home professionally staged, consider these factors. Take the time to consult with somebody who knows and understands the process before you make the final call. Having the help of a professional who knows the tricks of the trade and has years of experience in furniture styling Sydney – a market that differs greatly from others – can literally make the sale of your home a turning point for you and your finances. Why not take advantage of all the insider information you can?

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