Getting top dollar for your home is your fondest hope as you approach the big business of selling your property. Fortunately for you, the size of your real estate selling agent’s commission depends on your home’s sale price. Selling agents also stand to gain status among peers if sales are consistently higher in price and faster in duration. Your best interest is in your agent’s best interest as well. When the plan comes together, everybody benefits. It’s for this reason that selling agents across Australia will almost always recommend that clients engage a professional home stager to prepare a property for sale. The real estate stylist takes care of all the details that help a house move quickly toward “sold” and “closed”.

Your home may need just a few little tweaks or a full-on makeover to create the best effect before the prospective buyers come knocking. The cost for home staging is surprisingly small, and even more so when you understand that the cost to stage a home is almost always recouped. Professionally staged homes sell for more than the original asking price. They also sell faster – in days or weeks rather than months – which can represent thousands of dollars in savings to the seller. In other words, no matter what the level of home staging necessary, you will be money ahead to get the home styling done well before the home goes live online.

Most real estate buyers today begin their search for the perfect property online. Over 90 percent of home buyers start their property search long before they ever make the first call to a selling agent. These buyers pore over online listings day after day until they find a few properties worthy of their attention. All the rest are quickly forgotten. The last thing you want your house to be is among those forgettable properties.

You might wonder how it’s possible to make a set of walls and ceilings stand out among such a glut of others as make up the Sydney area real estate market. The process is part science and part art.
The science of home staging can be found in the painstaking research the home staging industry undertakes to make their work precise. By using that research data, the real estate stylist can determine not only who will probably buy your house, but also what kind of work they do and what their favourite colours are. When it comes time to stage your home, those scientific gems will help to determine how your house will be dressed for sale.

The research also uncovers things about the buyer’s value system and what the key elements are to make the buyer fall in love with the property. It turns out that buying decisions about houses hinge more on emotion than any other factor. Once shoppers fall in love with a house, the less likely they will be to walk away from it. They will offer more money and keep bidding until they have it or until the price is utterly beyond their reach.

When you employ a professional home stager, you are taking the single most effective step in ensuring that your home will sell in a hurry. A fast sale means that ongoing expenses such as mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and utility payments cease. These expenses can add up significantly when a house languishes on the market for months. A fast sale is a good sale.

When your home is ordinary in comparison to the houses around it, it is even more critical that you take steps to set it apart from the others. The home staging industry was, after all, born in the business of creating ‘model homes’ in cookie-cutter subdivisions. The lessons learned in finding ways to enhance and set such homes apart from others are extraordinarily valuable in today’s real estate industry. The skills of a gifted home staging professional are golden.

If you’re contemplating the sale of your house, don’t allow yourself to imagine that your home is ordinary or as outstanding as it can be. When you bring in a professional to magnify your home’s best qualities, you will understand why the real estate stylist is your otherwise forgettable home’s best friend. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today to see how we can make your home unforgettable.

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