Not long ago in this section of the website, we discussed how to go about some of the renovation projects you might have in mind for your home before it’s listed for sale. Some of those projects, like painting and cleaning, are fairly straightforward and can be done without the help of a contractor.

Your Sydney property stylists will help you determine which of the updates you should leave to professionals and which ones you can tackle yourself. The ultimate goal, of course, is to make your home or apartment all it can be in order to net top dollar on your sale.

If finding the best value for your renovation budget is the goal, and it is, then it’s critical that everybody is playing by the same rules. When it comes to projects that require the expertise of electricians, plumbers, or builders it’s important that your contractor knows precisely what is required of them before they can give you an accurate quotation on the price of the work.

When you ask three or four contractors to estimate the price of the work you have in mind, give them the exact specifications of what is necessary to complete the project. There can be no room for interpretation when it comes to quotes.

For example, if you ask four painters for a quote to paint your living room, each of them must know what grade, finish, and colour you want in the room. If you fail to specify these important components of the bid, you can end up with deep differences in the end product. One of your painters may bid on the job using flat paint in purple because the paint store has a clearance price on purple paint.

When it comes time to evaluate the bids, you’ll look at this painter’s bid and say “Wow! This guy’s prices are phenomenal!” You could conceivably award the job to this painter by virtue of his pricing and end up with a purple living room.

Each job has its own requirements. Sometimes there are building codes that must be met, and other times, you’ll want a specific brand or style of building material. Your best resource in this process are your Sydney property stylists. They are well-versed in what needs to be done, they understand the requisites in terms of building standards, and can help you write the briefs for any tradespeople with enough specificity to avoid the purple Grape Room.

Just a few of the many things to watch out for in writing the briefs are these:

  • Flooring:
  • Quality of padding
  • The style, colour, and quality of carpet
    • Who will be responsible for the removal and disposal of old carpeting?
    • Does project require the refinishing of hardwood flooring?
    • What kind and quality of tile, vinyl, or laminate?
    • Should the grout be tinted?
  • Ceilings and walls
    • What if any texture is to be applied?
    • If there is new plasterboard, will there be priming or sanding involved?
    • Is there plaster work to be done?
    • Who will be responsible for removal and clean-up of debris?
  • Fixtures and appliances:
    • Type, style, colour, and energy efficiency rating of appliances.
    • Colour, style, and features of sinks, tubs, and/or toilets
    • Style and finish of taps and fixtures including shower heads.

As you can imagine this list could go on and on for everything from bathroom vanities to replacement garbage disposals.

Gathering and interpreting quotes is a job where experience and expertise can make all the difference. Therefore, do consult with your home styling expert for the best results. It’s the stylist who knows which taps and refrigerator styles are most attractive to prospective buyers, and will broaden the appeal of your home among those buyers.

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we are happy to help you with putting your house literally in order. Because we have decades of experience in the world of real estate, we are able to assist you in many ways when it comes to upgrades and renovations that are better left to trade professionals. Before you attempt to undertake these projects on your own, consult with us to be sure you get the most for your money.


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