More and more often in listed homes in the Sydney area we’re seeing the re-introduction of colour into staged homes. As a rule, houses in our area tend to get a new coat of white(ish) paint as a lead-in to a real estate sale. This gives the home a fresh new feel and a bright (if somewhat stark) look. House stylists tell us, though, that colour is creeping back into the Australian real estate world and making a dramatic difference.

There’s nothing wrong with white. Well, except for the fact that it’s tough to choose the precise white for any given room. Depending on the lighting and the exposure of the room to natural light, white can take on blue or yellow tinges that were not quite what we intended. Fortunately, most of us are wise to the devious nature of white and can manage to white a wall with skill.

In the United States, home sellers are just now re-considering white as a colour choice. The move toward “farmhouse style” there is driving a move away from colour. The migration – whether you’re travelling toward or away from colour, can be a bit scary.

It’s quite likely that your move into colour may take the tiniest of baby steps. A bit more warm tones in the mix or a dash of blue bringing the robin’s egg to mind may be as far as you’re willing to go. These steps, though, can make a big difference in the overall impact a room can make. And, it’s a comfort to remember that white trim and accents can make the transition easier.

We’ve noticed big home décor magazines and websites leaning toward neutral gray and greige in their photo layouts, but lately feature walls with a big splash of colour are finding their way into these publications. Now we’re seeing walls with deep charcoal and intense navy blue statements and those statements are breathtaking. Subtle creams and not-so-subtle yellows are making a comeback too, giving new depth to Sydneyside rooms.

So how do you know how such a statement can be made in your own home? Of course we think that such decisions should be carefully made with the help of your house stylists. Most of us know what we like, but your home stylist knows what BUYERS like, and if your goal is to sell, you’ll need that expertise.

Buyers in our market tend to be the grown-up children of the once mighty buying group known as baby boomers. Their lifestyle and their choices are poles apart from their parents. Because they are so differently minded, it’s essential that you take their perspective into account when making colour choices in staging your house for sale.

What was once a given, like white walls, is no longer set in stone. Carpeted rooms are going by the wayside and heavy curtains are passé. The millinnial buyer is drawn to hard surfaces such as wood, tile, concrete and stone. They like easy to clean surfaces and they are not afraid of colour and texture that look and feel ageless.

Finally, it’s important to recognise that colour is a great way to down-play a room’s flaws, and hide shadows and wall irregularities. A strategically chosen feature wall in deep gray can make a small bedroom feel larger. (You probably thought otherwise.) Try pairing a deep colour with creamy white or pale beige for an amazing transformation that warms the entire room.

Yes. At this point in our style history, adding colour to a house listed for sale might seem like a bold and reckless move. It’s not for everybody, to be sure. But it’s an option, and a good one provided your expert designer – your chosen home stager – agrees. That’s the key.

Your home stager studies the likes and dislikes of the house buying public. If you’ve chosen well, your stager is an expert on who is likely to buy your home. That knowledge can make a significant difference in how favourably your house impresses those who view it. Because you want to capture the attention and the emotion of a new breed of buyer, a bold, fresh approach may be just the ticket to a quicker and more profitable home sale.


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