Your house is immaculately clean, freshly painted, repaired to the hilt. Now your selling agent asks you to stage it. What? Isn’t it staged already? Without furnishings, your house is only half-baked, so if you plan to serve it to your guests (read, potential buyers) you’ll need to finish the process. This means bringing in furnishings that will serve to wow the visitors to your home. For most of us this means furniture hire. Sydney has an abundance of places and vendors who would love to loan you the furnishings you need. But how do you know which one is best?

First of all, ask your home stager. All the best home stagers have an entire inventory of lovely furnishings in an array of shapes and styles. Chances are your home stylist has the furnishings for your house covered. (Perhaps literally.) If you did not plan for furnishing your home as part of your staging plan and make arrangements for it in the beginning, you can probably add it on later once you realise how important this phase of the staging is.

Most of us human beings are flummoxed by an empty house. What on earth do you do with it? Where does the sofa go? Where will the children do their homework? How does the traffic flow? All of these questions are important ones to home-buyers, but few of them can visualise it when faced with empty floor space.

A good home stylist has already taken measurements, discovered the way in which the traffic flows, and understands how your house is supposed to work. That’s their job. They deal with such uncertainties every day. Joe Buyer, on the other hand, mostly deals with automobile sales or medical supplies on a regular basis. The placement of furnishings is a hit and miss matter for the average person. Let alone placement that makes a house feel larger and more expansive than it really is. For this one needs a specialist in furniture hire Sydney.

The way in which your furniture is placed can make your house feel effortless and gorgeous or, if it’s done badly, give the entire place a disjointed sense of chaos. The last thing a seller wants to have is a buyer who is brought up short by the feeling that he’s stepped into the centre of a cyclone. Oh. It may not look that bad, but we humans are put off immediately by what we sense is impending trouble. Oddly enough, this is the kind of thing that ruins otherwise probable sales.

Human beings, like most other animals, operate in large part by virtue of our senses. We don’t have to see tension to know it’s there. Plus, we are extremely sensitive to things like balance, continuity, and colour, making a poorly arranged or under-furnished room a big red flag that we might not even recognise. It’s that subliminal.

Fortunately for those of us with a house to sell, there are real estate professionals who speak subliminally. The home stager you’ve chosen, who studies the psychology of sales, knows how to send the right messages to prospective buyers even when we don’t know a message is needed. When you combine that particular skill with the know-how to improve on our structure’s little flaws through furniture placement, you’ve got a winning combination.

Not all styling firms have their own furniture inventory. We encourage you to deal with one that does. Because home staging is a business that grows daily, the demand for a certain style or colour occasionally outstrips the supply. In such cases, sellers often find that the furnishings they’ve chosen have been hired by another homeowner, leaving them with leftovers.

Also important is hiring a styling firm that has its own movers and trucks to transport, install and ultimately pick up the furniture.  These people know how to do the job at hand without damaging newly finished floors, or putting holes in freshly painted walls. Such accidents can be expensive and more than a little frustrating.

When it comes to furniture hire, Sydney can look to Urban Chic Property Styling as they have for decades. We don’t just own and transport our furnishings to the homes we stage; we’re also the best home stagers in the business. Period. We are the whole package tied up in a bow when it comes to home staging. If you want to get top dollar for your home, start with our design and then add our furnishings. Then you can sit back and wait for the offers to come rolling in.

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