As you know if you follow our blog, we emphasise the importance of kitchens and bathrooms in the home staging process. This is simply because these rooms sell houses. Anything you can do to upgrade these rooms will most likely find its way back into your bank account. Working in the kitchen is more about a squeaky clean and infinitely functional space than anything else. Nevertheless the advantage styling your kitchen gives you depends on smart spending.

There is no need to totally remodel a tired kitchen before you sell it. You can pick one or two small, inexpensive projects and get a “new room” result. Just the addition of some new benchtops can give your kitchen a new lease on life. (Skip the marble and go with quartz. Quartz is cheaper and doesn’t stain quite so unforgivingly.)

Sometimes just a thorough cleaning of kitchen cabinets can make the whole place look new. Grease and grime can build up over time. While your weekly wipe down helps, a deep cleaning with simple vinegar and water can remove film that’s built up so slowly you never even noticed.
If cleaning the cabinets doesn’t work, perhaps you’ll want to brighten them up with paint? (Please see our article on repainting bathroom cabinetry – Using Paint to Revitalise Bathroom Cabinetry for the step-by step instructions.)

Also, when you’re looking at your cabinets think about introducing a plate-rack or an island/table that you’ve salvaged from the tip or an op shop. It’s amazing how effective a tiny change can be.
Whether you decide to paint or not, you can add new drawer pulls and/or other hardware to give kitchen cabinets a totally new look. Remember; be kind enough to pick something classic – something that the new owner can find if one ever needs replacing.

Windows and Light
Kitchen windows are so often covered with curtains. Light is the cheapest accessory a property stylist can use. Take the curtain rods down, fill the holes in the wall, and allow the natural light to flow in. If privacy is a problem, get some classic window blinds or colourful pull-down shades that can be closed when necessary.

Speaking of light, adding more is less expensive than you might imagine. If you must call in an electrician, think about adding a sconce or under-counter lighting while you’re at it. The more task-lighting you can manage, the better advantage styling will benefit you.
Energy Efficiency

Appliances in your listed kitchen should be energy efficient if possible and as new as you can manage. Know that your local appliance store probably has customers who want new refrigerators every year or so. Those models are gently-used and still look new. Upgrading doesn’t have to break the bank. Just think creatively. Check the newspaper and online listings for appliances.

Energy efficiency in the kitchen could take the form of a tank-less water heating system for this room. Unlike bathrooms that require volumes of hot water, this room needs little bursts of hot water frequently through the day. Here there is little point to heating litres and litres of water to simply keep hot for long periods of time. (Yes. These fairly inexpensive systems can handle a dishwasher full of dishes, too.) Discuss this matter with the other members of your sales team, meaning your selling agent and your home stager.

Making the most of the house you’re selling doesn’t require you to spend huge amounts of cash. Many people regret the big projects they undertake just to sell since many of these little remodel projects are simply inadvisable. Talk to your home stylist – these people know what pays off and what doesn’t. You’ll find that a few small upgrading projects in your kitchen can capture the attention of the buyer. Bringing in a professional styling company can multiply the advantage styling can offer, boosting the sale price of your home and keeping your expenses within reason.

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