In our lives, we sometimes struggle with priorities. While we would love to invite a home styling professional into our home to rearrange everything, including the silverware, we cannot seem to find a way to rationalise such an adventure. We long to spend a day with somebody who can teach us the secrets of furniture styling Sydney.

The sad fact is few of us ever actually have the opportunity to work with an interior design professional. If you happen to be raising a family and juggling your finances as most of us are it’s difficult to justify the cost of hiring somebody to help you make your surroundings perfectly spectacular. Somebody in the family always needs something, and so you put off that extravagance until another time.

There is one perfect opportunity, though, and almost all of us have it at one point or another in our lifetimes. That perfect chance to get face-to-face with a home styling professional is when you prepare to list your house for sale.

First, let us remind you that a home stager and an interior designer are not the same sort of specialist. The interior designer works to create a space just for you. The fabrics, the textures, and the colours are chosen with only you in mind. A home stager, on the other hand, has the job of making a space (such as a house for sale) into one that will appeal to a broader audience. The home stager wants to make your house picture perfect for as many potential buyers as possible.

Both of these professionals, though, work with certain basics that you can soak up like a sponge and use for the rest of your life in any home you have.

When listing your house for sale, it’s critical that you make your house look as if it came right out of a high-end home decorating magazine. The process is the bailiwick of the home stager and a good part of the magic comes from selecting and arranging the most perfect furniture for your house.

Your home stager or home stylist, as they are sometimes called, will help you select and install furnishings that are designed and placed to make home-buyers fall in love with your space. When you’re selling a home, particularly in a market like Sydney, staging is a critical step to a big sale. The first piece of advice your selling agent will impart will probably be to bring in a home stager. Hooray! Now’s your chance to soak up some really excellent home decorating secrets.

Few of us ever have the chance to buy a houseful of furniture all at once. The result of collecting furniture is usually a hodge-podge feel. That mix-and-matching is almost certainly not going to give you the put-together look you want in your listed home.

One of the key elements of successful home staging is choosing and arranging the furnishings perfectly. Resist the temptation to use your own furniture. If you want the full effect, it’s important to choose pieces that are compatible with your home and in harmony with the overall feel of the stager’s plan. The hiring of furniture is part of the expense, it’s true, but getting the whole picture right means having a cohesive plan. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

If you never hire another stick of furniture in your life, at least this once, get a good long look at what a professionally designed home is all about.
The benefits of home staging are bountiful. Not only does your house look better than ever, and you have the benefit of watching it all come together, professional home and furniture styling Sydney gives you the financial edge.

Professionally staged homes sell faster and usually for considerably MORE than the asking price. Actually, home staging and even the hiring of furniture will almost always be covered by the extra profit in the sale. In theory, you get a free home styling crash course, and you sell your house in record time.

When you’re ready for furniture styling Sydney, call in the pros. Let us teach you how it all works to your benefit.

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