If you have ever spent time in a high-end restaurant, or more particularly, if you’ve ever worked in the food service industry at that level, you know that chefs are presentation freaks. That’s not meant to be an insult – that’s meant to say that they are trained to know that people eat with their eyes first. If a dish is not pleasing to the eye, it won’t taste quite as marvelous.

Perfect presentation is one of the big keys to success in chef-dom. It’s also a key to success in the world of real estate. Property presentation Sydney is critical to just how much your home will ultimately bring at sale. People buy real estate with their eyes first.

If you’ve ever enjoyed an ocean cruise, you probably remember the lavish buffets and breathtaking sculptures presented by your galley team. There are usually carved melons, ice sculptures, intricate replicas of buildings and ships done entirely of sugar, and, of course, each meal you’re served is something of a work of art. People often remember cruise food long after their ports of call are forgotten.

So it is when you’re ready to offer your home for sale on the real estate market. Proper presentation can mean the difference between the cost of a café meal and the cost of dinner at the Ritz. A well-staged and thoughtfully presented property will absolutely sell for more.

There is also the speed of sale to be considered. When your home languishes on the market, you are required to keep pouring money into the property. There are mortgage payments, electricity bills, lawns to water and mow…the expenses go on and on. Selling a home quickly is another bonus to effective property presentation Sydney. Those savings alone would probably more than pay for your staging costs.

The fact is, when your home is well presented, real estate agents – savvy business people who know how to make rain in the real estate world – will show your house more often. They know a big commission when they see it. They know that the law of supply and demand always works. A rare commodity will bring a higher price, and by retaining the best in property styling talent, your home can become that rare commodity.

The buyers, for their part, know what they want when they see it. They will spend more for a home that looks sensational and appears to be well-maintained. That, in a nutshell, is what a good property styling company can do for you. Their job is to make your property unforgettable and irresistible. With inside information on the market, artistic talent, carefully chosen furnishings, and perfectly placed art and décor, your property stylist can work magic on even an “average” house.

To sell your home in a market such as the one in and around Sydney, you must have all your assets on display. A property styling professional will enhance every positive point your home has and will eliminate or down-play anything that might not be spectacular – the result is a quick sale at a higher price. The secret is, as any real estate agent will tell you, in the presentation.

When the time comes to sell your property, ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations on a truly exceptional property styling firm. Ask your real estate agent as well. Then do your own research. We suggest you start that research at Urban Chic Property Styling, where our real estate sales experience puts a keen edge on our product. The combination of sales experience and property presentation Sydney expertise is a winning one. Call us today and see for yourself.


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