Living in the greater Sydney area is exciting. People flock here not just for the job opportunities but also for the rich cultural climate and, of course, Sydney’s stunning natural beauty. Even the homes for sale here are gorgeous. This is due, in part, to the fact that homes listed in our area have all had some degree of home staging. Sydney real estate is almost always decked out to the max. Why is that?
You have to really want to live in our region to do so. Living in Sydney can be expensive and buying a house here is cost prohibitive for many families. When a person invests in Sydney real estate, they want every bit of bang their buck can buy. In this area, perfection is practically a prerequisite.
Enter professional home stagers.

Almost without exception, real estate selling agents recommend that their clients invest in home staging prior to listing their houses. The market in Sydney is so competitive that to do less almost always means selling for a lower price. Any small imperfection usually leads to a downward adjustment to the offers. The goal is to sell quickly and for a price that is above the listing price if possible.
According to industry statistics, a professionally staged home sells in less than two weeks. An unstaged home may languish on the real estate market for months, with the average days on the market at 90. It’s no wonder your selling agent wants you to stage the property.

When a house shows well, real estate agents will show that house more often. (They are in the business of selling property – naturally they will show the houses that are bound to sell fastest first.) Not only will the house sell faster, a professionally styled house will often trigger bidding wars among potential buyers.

When a potential buyer falls in love with a property, they don’t abandon it easily. When a house already has an offer, other buyers will generate a higher bid. This is good for you, the seller, for the real estate agent, and for the buyer who desperately wants to live happily ever after in this particular home. Everybody wins.

So, why not stage the house yourself? It’s true that many home sellers are reluctant at first to pay for home staging. Some are trapped in a time warp going back to the time when an ad in the paper and a sign in the yard were enough to close a sale. Some sellers even go so far as to leave the house vacant and empty the way it was done 10 or 20 years ago. This is a very bad idea.

Just as the way we shop and buy simple things like shoes and shirts has changed, so has shopping for real estate. Today, buyers begin their real estate shopping on the internet. The buyer will spend day after day poring over the online listings for weeks before they finally pick up a phone to call the selling agent.

These shrewd buyers assess the market and narrow the list of properties that interest them to just a handful. The properties that don’t make the first cut outnumber the ones that actually sell by a huge differential. In other words, you need to enter the market looking like a billion dollars and have some pretty tempting amenities to offer.

If this sounds like it’s impossible, fear not. This is precisely the goal of professional home staging. Sydney is a challenging market to work in, but professional home stylists know all the tricks of the trade. They invest heavily in acquiring information about the buyers your house will see. This means that the stager already knows what colour the buyers like, how much gardening and landscaping they will tolerate, and even what their hobbies are. In this way, they are able to make design decisions that will be most pleasing to the largest number of buyers.

If you are preparing to sell your home in the keenly competitive Sydney market, we invite you to call us. We’ve been helping to sell properties in this region for decades and we know precisely what works and, perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. Our record of success in the work of home staging Sydney is beyond compare. If you want top dollar for your property, call Urban Chic Property Styling first.

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