A new year brings in a sense of renewal and change and where better to make a difference than in your living room, which is the second most loved room in the house after the kitchen. Now’s the time to leave behind anything that fails to inspire, because this will make room for a fresh new space as you prepare your home for sale. It’s also time to call on your property stylist to make sure the changes you’re considering will appeal to buyers. The first thing to do is to take a look at the trends:

There’s a Focus on Wellness and Paint Power

As a new year rolls in many people make resolutions regarding their health and well-being, which can be extended to repairing and enhancing the home environment since that’s where we spend a good deal of our time.

Colour is vital to our sense of wellbeing so it’s a good idea to think about the power of paint, which can change a person’s mood, depending on the shade and how it’s used. Your home stylist can help you here, and direct you towards colours that will inspire, give you a chance to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy the ‘now’.

Nature-Inspired Colours

Earthy colours are timeless and versatile and the gentle shades of pink and mauve will be popular this year since they elicit a feeling of wellness and relaxation. There’s a strong move now to bring nature inside, to blur the demarcation between indoors and outside living spaces and some believe it’s due to our connection to the digital world.

Technology can take us away from nature, so many homeowners are bringing more natural tones into their homes which is good for the health of the family. Colours such a cinnamon, sage, sand and cornstalk green are refreshing and life-enhancing. Natural shades bring a sense of calm and tranquillity. However, if you feel like being bold this year try apricots, blues, and strawberry colours for a fun sense of quirkiness – and if you’re selling up and your house needs painting, your home stager will give professional advice on the colours that will appeal to potential buyers.

Feel-Good Furniture and Decor

Furniture styles now embrace high-quality fabrics and a focus on the minimal. There’s a move towards the products made by local artisans with a holistic approach to furniture design. Local artisans often use natural fibres to make relaxed furniture. There will also be less clutter in the modern living room this year and many will invest in bespoke pieces that they connect with emotionally due to the good design and excellent finishes.

Indoor Plants are Even More Popular in 2019

Don’t throw out your indoor plants, instead, buy more! The popularity of greening the indoors is still on the rise and will continue as more people learn how they can make our homes healthier and more aesthetically pleasing.

A lot of people live in small, urban environments without an everyday connection to greenery and nature, so growing indoor plants can bridge that gap. However, even if you have a lovely garden, some lush, leafy greenery in your revitalised living room can only enhance it further. Having plants living happily indoors is said to promote creativity and productivity and nurturing them brings its own reward. Just ask your property stylist!

Image courtesy of Wanderlust4Lighting.

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