A Love-ly House
When you’re preparing your home to be listed on the real estate market, take care to get every advantage styling can offer you.

Car dealerships have the business of “detailing” down to a science. When a trade-in comes onto their lot, it gets an entire makeover. From steam-cleaning the engine to ozone treatments to remove smoking and pet odours; the car looks and feels brand-new when it rolls out for sale. The same ought to be true for houses entering the real estate market. If you want to get top dollar for your house, leave no detail left undone.

Just as nobody wants to buy a car with bright red fingernail polish spilled on the seats, neither do potential home buyers want to buy somebody else’s “to do list.” Buyers want new – or as close to perfection as their money will buy. Who can blame them? Buying a house is a major event in anybody’s life, and even simple details left undone, or left badly done, can make or break a real estate sale.
It’s always best, when it comes to this big real estate transaction, to consult with experts. You talk to your investment broker before you unload stocks, don’t you? None of us can be expected to know it all. Fortunately for us there are real estate experts standing by to help us get the most from our largest investment – our property.

Your selling agent’s best ally in turning your housing investment into cash is the property stylist. Because a professional home stager spends loads of time and money studying prospective buyers, he or she knows just what it takes to make a house appeal to a broad range of buyers. With this information, a home stylist can make your house irresistible to buyers.

Scientists have revealed that the portion of the human brain that makes big buying decisions is controlled by emotion. If you are attempting to sell your house based on logic, you’ve missed this important boat. People must be made to feel welcome and safe in your house if you hope to sell it. Your house must make them excited. It must make them fall in love with the idea of spending their lives there.

We don’t exaggerate when we use these terms. When a buyer falls in love with your house, they will even engage in fierce bidding wars with others who want your property. (Thus raising the price.) The emotional connection cannot be neglected in preparing a home for sale.

By engaging a professional home stylist, you stand the best chance of incorporating the emotion-provoking elements in buyers. The advantage styling brings to a real estate sale is dynamic. It’s also inexpensive; especially when you understand that the average home prepared for presentation by a professional home stager will often sell for more than its asking price. Such a house also sells faster.

When a house sits unsold, it costs the owner in many ways. There will still be mortgage payments, insurance premiums, and electricity bills to be paid. Additionally there is the subtle message a long-listed house will send to buyers. “There must be something wrong with this house because it’s been on the market for so long.” This is a difficult blow to recover from and it’s very likely to cost you money in downward price adjustments in the end.

Making your home look and feel well maintained and staged is critically important to the final sale price of your house. Like that used car we mentioned, the perception of perfection makes the emotion of buying decisions easier. It’s easy to love a house that has been so lovingly cared for that no blemish can be found.

When you’re ready to bring all the advantage styling has to offer to bear on your real estate transaction, call the professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the sense of style that can make your house the best it can be.

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