You may already know that expanding the value of your property can mean stretching your living space. In the housing market in Sydney today the biggest improvement you can make to your property is to add some liveable square metreage. In a market where banks are not ready to loan enough money for Joe Buyer to grab the home of his dreams, anything you can do to approximate that dream home is a good thing. Stretching the living area can be done inside or out, but staging property to add space can mean a higher sale price and a faster sale.

We often focus on improving the outside living space to accomplish this goal. To expand and improve on your outside living areas is a golden idea. Doing something simple like sprucing up your deck with new stain and adding some comfy outdoor furnishings to create a fully functional outside room can add appeal and value. Adding an outdoor kitchen to the patio is not as expensive as you might imagine.

A few minutes of searching online will net you some amazing “kitchen kits” that can come direct to your home for a not-insurmountable price. (WARNING: Assembly will be required.) Depending on how grandiose your plans are, you may still need the help of a plumber and an electrician to complete the job. Still, the end product — an entertainment area where you can prepare and cook a gourmet meal for your guests — is sure to light up the eyes of potential buyers. Who doesn’t want an outdoor kitchen?

What about creating a fire pit? This project, taken straight from the family-bonding activity otherwise known as camping, can woo buyers with or without little campers to call their own. How romantic is an evening under the stars beside the fire with the one you love? You can even throw in some marshmallows to roast if the romance fizzles. Our point is creating the options associated with auxiliary living spaces is sure to make buyers pay attention.

Inside the house, reclaiming wasted space can be a little more challenging. An attic room that’s unfinished begs to be put to work. It’s neither expensive nor terribly technical to create an office or a playroom where nothing else is going on. The main element here is some creativity and a weekend’s worth of work. Cart away the junk that’s collected there and sweep the cobwebs down.

Here is where your property stylist can save the day.  These professionals are absolute geniuses at making something from nothing. That’s their stock in trade. So with a few lamps, a desk and a futon, your attic can begin to display the attributes of an office, homework headquarters, or a mum-cave. Instant space suddenly becomes available for any activity the buyer can conjure up.

Styling properties involves demonstrating the best way to use the available space. On their very first visit to your home, your stylist will be busy measuring and noticing the way people move from one room to another. Improving the traffic flow can sometimes reveal startling new ways to make the most of a room or a hallway that is underused. The trick is to use the space without overwhelming it – home stylists do this kind of thing in their sleep.

The other part of your property stylists’ main goal is to use the power of suggestion. By careful placement of props like board games in a small seating area, the option of family game night becomes a real possibility.

When you’ve chosen the best property stylist you can find, the burden of coming up with these ideas for expansion becomes easier. The best stylists already know what the buyers want and need from a property. The fulfillment of those lists is what they do best.

Staging property is part art and part science. Putting it all together in the correct configuration takes training and talent. Not just anybody can do it well. When it comes time to make the most of your biggest investment, choose somebody who can put all the elements of enhancement together flawlessly. Call Urban Chic Property Styling for a consultation today.

Image courtesy of Satara Australia.

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