Because the sale of your home or apartment is likely to be the biggest business deal you’ll ever make, you want to do it right. The process used to be a bit simpler. Back in the day, you determined how much money you wanted for the property, put up a sign, then waited for somebody to knock on your door. Today, the sale of real estate is an entirely different process that involves new players from photographers to Sydney property stylists. But there’s good news. You’ll be very happy with the results.

With rising property prices, buyers naturally want to believe they’re getting good value for their investment. They want to be certain that they are getting the ultimate bargain – no mean feat when owning a home or apartment in the greater Sydney area can cost more than seven figures. In today’s market, a house that sells usually looks as if it came right off the slick pages of an upscale home and garden magazine.

At the foundation of today’s selling pyramid is the practice of staging your home. Long ago, staging homes and apartments was only done by real estate developers and the owners of new apartment complexes to lure new buyers into their project. In the past 10 to 20 years, however, more average home owners have employed the practice of home staging in order to get top dollar for their properties. The consequence of this added step is, simply put, a higher value and bigger sales.

When you call in Sydney property stylists to prepare your home for sale the returns can be staggering. Usually, a professionally staged home will bring more than the original asking price. Why?

Today’s buyer has no time or interest in buying somebody else’s to-do list. Property staging companies take an average home, complete with average problems, and average decorating faux pas, and create the ideal home, custom designed to meet the likes and desires of today’s buyer. Your home stager will suggest new paint, bring in new furnishings, and give you tips and pointers about what should be done in order to make the buyer feel quite secure that the home’s systems are well maintained and functional. A home that even hints at requiring work or maintenance is not likely to attract the right buyers willing to pay the right price.

Once the home is perfectly appointed and dressed to a tee, the photographers come in and work their magic. They are, of course, professionals at down-playing small blemishes and imperfections and making the subject of their photographs look flawless. This is critical because in today’s real estate world, over 90 percent of buyers start their searches online. This means that if your photos aren’t spectacular, your home may not make anybody’s list of must-see properties.

You can do this experiment in your own home by taking a long look at real estate listings online. Which listings stand out? The ones where the photographs and the staging of the homes are perfectly done. You can see that these steps can make all the difference.

Can you do these two steps yourself? Doubtless, some people own perfect furniture, have degrees in interior design, and are professional photographers. We wouldn’t attempt to dissuade these people from giving it a try. All others, however, and particularly those who hope to realise a big return on their real estate investment, would be well advised to seek the help of professionals.

There are certain times and projects where only seasoned professionals can achieve the best results. Brain surgery comes immediately to mind. The same is true when your financial well-being is at stake. Your home or apartment represents a good portion of your net worth. Selling that investment for its maximum possible value makes perfect sense. It takes the experience and know-how of Sydney property stylists to give your home the look of a seven-figure dwelling and the seasoned professionals at Urban Chic Property Styling, Sydney’s premier property styling company, to get the job done for you. Call us to discuss the many ways in which we can help make a bit of real estate magic come true for you.

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