The news tells us that Sutherland Shire and other Southern suburbs of Sydney will soon see a lessening of traffic congestion as the government has finally committed to the F6 Extension. This all by itself may set the real estate market in some of the finest areas of Greater Sydney alight. The best, it seems, will soon get better. If you’ve been waiting for a good reason to sell your Sutherland Shire property, you now have it. So start decluttering and call the experts in property styling Sutherland Shire. Get ahead of the game.

Remember this, though. Sutherland Shire is vastly different than other suburbs and will require a distinct touch in order to get top-dollar for your house. People expect something special from houses in the Shire. Make sure your property stylist understands the unique charisma your area enjoys and can work it to your property’s best advantage.

Yours is an area that embraces the traditional and the historical flavour of our little corner of the world. In order to preserve the sense of ‘rootedness’, the process of staging a property there can present a stager with unforeseen challenges. These are probably not houses that a ‘newbie’ can handle well. Why? It takes a bit more experience to take on The Shire and do it spectacularly.

Understanding the neighbourhood in which a house exists is a big part of a stager’s work. In some of Sydney’s suburbs, celebrating diversity and cultural colour is part of the mix. In others, like Sutherland Shire, stability and a conservative approach is necessary. So how does one keep everything “the same” and make it different at the same time? This skill is one that comes from practice.

As you work to select a home styling company to handle your property styling Sutherland Shire, you need to look for one that has been in business long enough to live through the market changes in the past decades. What makes buyers gravitate toward the southernmost suburbs, particularly Sutherland Shire? What motivates them to call this place home?

A really good property styling company spends a hefty share of their resources in research.  Through extensive studies, data is available that can separate a buyer who is likely to want a more traditional setting for their “happily ever after” from other, differently minded buyers. These people will lean toward certain elements in the architecture, the colour palette used in any given structure, and the level of sophistication presented in the actual staging and furnishings.

However, their taste in homes isn’t all that sets these people apart. Their age, their goals, their hobbies, and their lifestyles are all part of what attracts them to more traditional communities. They may, for example, want a more elaborate landscaping plan to accommodate their interest in gardening. Maybe they want to be surrounded by green spaces and access to water in order to fulfill their vision of how to enjoy their free time. These people are poles apart from the Millennial couple looking for their first home. You need a stager who knows how to make those differences work in your favour.

Understanding the sort of people who seek to live in The Shire is only part of the process. Translating that knowledge into sofa styles, colour choices, fabric selections and other, more subtle statements is what will ultimately make the difference between an average sale and a sensational one. The question becomes, can you afford not to hire the best, and most experienced staging firm possible?

At Urban Chic Property Styling, we have been making those distinctions for decades. We work in all of Sydney’s suburbs and have, over the years we’ve been doing business in the area, learned how to give a stately older home a new look without overstating the obvious.

Also of great importance is the fact that we were selling agents before we became staging professionals. That means we have an extra layer of understanding. Put that extra layer to work for you when it’s time to sell your house. Property styling Sutherland Shire is different from staging a home in the Inner West or anywhere else in the Greater Sydney Area. It requires a deft hand and a unique approach. We have that and more. Call us to see what our experience can bring to your sale.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Glen Dimplex.

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