Let’s talk about investments. It‘s the goal of most people to make their money work for them. They put a few dollars away in a savings account and allow those dollars to grow and gain interest over time. Better business people make their money work harder. Perhaps they invest in stocks or bonds and watch as the business world uses their dollars to grow on. The most common investment, though, is real estate.

The biggest investment you will probably ever make is the money you sink into your house. You make the mortgage payments year after year, and gain equity as your home becomes more and more valuable. Often we forget that our mortgage payment is a mighty savings account where hard earned cash grows, and grows as the years flow along.

Interestingly, though, when the time comes to liquidate the housing investment we tend to forget that it is a very important business deal. We often encounter people who are reluctant to do those things that are necessary to prepare the property for sale. Property styling Inner West, Sutherland Shire, or even downtown Sydney is a critical part of making your home investment pay off.

The first thing your real estate selling agent will do when you are ready to list your house for sale is to encourage you to employ a property styling firm. Your agent knows already that in order to get top dollar for your house, you must polish it up a bit.

Property styling firms specialise in making everything in and around your house shine like new. These experts will tell you what colour to paint the walls, whether or not you should put on a new roof before you list the house, and otherwise what needs to be done to make your house totally irresistible to buyers. This is no less than you would do if you were selling your old car. Nevertheless, some of us – otherwise astute business people – baulk at spending money to make money when it comes to their house.

Fortunately, the cost to bring in a specialist at property styling Inner West (or any other place in and around Sydney) is nominal. The benefits are astonishing.

A professionally styled house has advantages that will knock your socks off. For one thing, a professionally staged home will usually sell for a higher price than an unstaged one. For another, a properly prepared house will sell in a fraction of the time that an under-staged one will. According to the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, a staged house will sell in approximately 11 days while other homes, without such preparation, may linger on the market for 90 days or more.
When you do the maths and calculate the continuing expenses of an unsold house, you’ll see why staging pays for itself almost always. This is also the reason your real estate agent is so eager to have you invest in staging.

Real estate selling agents know a good thing when they see it. When they tour a beautifully prepared home, they fall in love just as certainly as buyers do. They look at the house and understand that the agent who sells this house will get a large commission and very soon. The agent who is a shrewd business person will show such a house as often as possible so that the aforementioned commission will come directly to them.

Another advantage to professional staging is that a well-staged home photographs better than a vacant, empty one. When potential buyers see well-done listing photos, they are impressed. If they are not impressed, it’s likely that they will never bother to look at the house in person.
Home buyers shop on the internet. They may view hundreds of listings before they ever pick up a telephone to contact a selling agent. The importance of making an amazing first impression on buyers cannot be overestimated. Vacant or empty houses don’t impress many.

When you are ready to engage in the biggest business transaction of your life, don’t hesitate to do what it takes to improve your odds of a successful sale. Call in the best to take care of your property styling Inner West. Urban Chic Property Styling has been preparing properties in the Greater Sydney area for decades. We have what it takes to sweeten your investment deal.

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