Homeowners with an eye toward selling have an uphill climb ahead of them. With housing prices in the Sydney area continuing to climb, selling a home can be much more difficult. Sellers face more challenges today than ever. If that weren’t enough, buyers who face the higher prices need to get more for their money in order to justify paying the price tag. The answer to the difficulties both buyers and sellers face lies in the realm of Sydney home staging.

There was a time not too long ago when having your home professionally prepared for listing by a house stylist was relatively unheard of. Only those seeking to fill a subdivision of empty homes actually used the services of home stagers to present a ‘model home’. With one home exquisitely prepared by trained professionals, the developers found that people did, indeed, buy the vacant units. The secret, they found, lies in the emotional factor.

Scientists today have discovered that big buying decisions are made in the 10 percent of the brain where emotion rules. With that new information available to home sellers and selling agents the relatively new field of Sydney home staging was born.

Today, we know that for a relatively low price – around one to three percent of the home’s asking price – a professional home stager can transform the average home into a buyer’s dream home. Dream homes, by the way, sell for a much higher price. Professionally staged homes are selling for 12 to 17 percent over the asking price these days thanks, in part, to efforts to appeal to the buyer’s emotional side.
The new home staging industry invests incredible amounts of resources into knowing precisely what buyers desire in a home. Since the buying decision goes beyond what is logical and affordable, house stylists reach into the emotional seat of the buyer’s brain to help them visualise how a particular house will improve their lives.

Just as advertising moguls can make you see that a whiter smile can help you succeed in love and business, so can the home stager persuade you to buy a house in which your dreams really can come true. They can help buyers envision your listed home as a place where their children will put their toys away and do their homework. They create an atmosphere where the cook looks forward to cooking, and the would-be gardener grows prize roses. They know how to make your home touch the buyer’s deepest desires.
Using the deep reservoir of information about buyers that their industry collects, today’s stager can know ahead of time which paint palette is the right one to appeal to upwardly mobile Sydney professionals. The same sort of information reveals to the stager what needs to be done to inspire romance in the master suite and inspired productivity in the home office. For these things the buyer happily pays handsomely.

The services of a professional home stylist often result in actual bidding wars among prospective buyers and, in the end, everybody is happy. The successful buyer gets what they want, the selling agent gets a bigger paycheck, and the seller walks away with more money. By tailoring your product to what the buyer is looking for, everybody walks away happier.

Where you reside and how you live make big statements about who you are. Is it time for you and your family to climb yet another rung on the ladder to success? Naturally, you want to match your next home to the dreams you have for your future. Selling your current home can be the launching pad you need to carry you to the next step. If you are thinking of listing your Sydney area home for sale this year, put the best scientific research to work for you.

Your home is probably your largest investment and selling it ought to be the biggest business transaction in which you’ll ever take part. It only makes sense to approach it as you would any other business deal. By using every stitch of information and expertise available to you, you can maximise your profit. Hiring a firm that is well versed in Sydney home staging, you stand a better chance of making your own dreams come true. Call Urban Chic Property Styling today.

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