Property sales in and around Sydney, as you probably already know, are booming. Prices are big and so are the requirements of most buyers. If they are going to pay the high prices, they want all the bells and whistles that go along with them. In the world of real estate here, it’s almost a given that property for sale will enjoy the services of house stylists. Sydney is just that kind of market.

If you have decided to sell your house in this exciting market, no doubt your real estate selling agent has advised you to invest in property styling services. Because the competition among listed houses is so keen, this step is practically essential to getting the highest price for your property.

Your job as a home seller is to make your property irresistible. Home seekers are looking for very specific attributes in a house. But what they want goes far beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It turns out that a real estate shopper wants an emotional reaction.

Scientists who study such things have confirmed that buying decisions are made in the part of the human brain where emotion rules. Unless the consumer can find a way to connect with your product – whether it’s a car or a tube of toothpaste – on an emotional level, he will probably not buy it. If you spend just a little time looking at television advertisements, you will see this principle at work.

This concept has made its way into the real estate world. Now your sales team will discover and use the “feel good” attributes of your property to capture the attention of potential buyers. This usually means making sure your property is dressed for success.

The largest niche of real estate buyers today is the group we call millennials. These are the people who came of age around the turn of the century. These buyers have a totally different game plan than their baby boomer parents.

Millennials live a very active lifestyle that generally does not include fixing up a property for their retirement. These buyers are looking for a property that reflects their desire to succeed in their business, whatever that may be. Millennials are looking for a place that makes a statement about their achievements. They want a house that feeds the image they have of themselves. Their house should say, “A successful person lives here”.

The average home needs help when it comes to making such statements. This is where your property styling professional comes in. These clever artists know how to use colour, texture, design, and other subtle signals to help a house attain the kind of stature millennials are looking for.

You may be a fine decorator in your own right, and you may be considering doing your own staging. Unfortunately, what you may not have is the proprietary information that the home styling industry has amassed. Through surveys, studies, and focus groups, staging industry professionals gather intimate information about exactly what makes the millennial tick. Your stager can predict with uncanny accuracy everything from the best colour for the doona cover in the master bedroom to the kind of art to put on the walls to stir emotion in the millennial buyer.

When the Millennial begins to search for a new home they start looking online. It may be weeks before they find a handful of properties they would actually like to visit in person. Only then will they pick up the phone and call a selling agent. This means that your home has to pass the internet test. Unless your house is spectacular enough to keep coming to the top of the millennial’s search requirements, it may be left in the dust.

Trying to sell property by the same rules you used 30 years ago won’t work. It’s a brave new world out there in terms of real estate. Today you need more than a ‘for sale’ sign in the front yard. You need more than a phenomenal selling agent. To sell real estate today, you need somebody who is a gifted house stylist. Sydney home sales are big and bold and exciting in this day and age. They are also powered by new and different driving forces. You will need a guide for this adventure. Let Urban Chic Property Styling help you along your way.

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