A quick look at the real estate listings in the St George area confirm that white is still the go-to colour choice for most specialists in property styling St George. White in its nearly infinite shades and hues gives a ‘clean slate’ feeling to prospective buyers and serves to (maybe) make staging a home for sale less complicated. If you are planning to paint your rooms white and do your own staging, read on. It’s not that easy.

First of all, most of us think of white as white. We think it’s neutral. We think we can buy one big can of plain white and paint every room in the house with it for a perfect effect. Such is not the case, and we caution you DIYers out there to stop and think before you invest in that can of paint.
True white is NOT neutral. It is a bright. (The eternal debate about white continues today. Is black a colour? Is white the absence of colour?) We don’t think the debate matters all that much. In our world, what looks good and feels great is the only thing we need to know about white.

What we know for certain about white is that when we are talking about paint, white comes in an infinite number of colours. Just take a trip to your local paint store and look at the paint chips in the white section. You will see that pure, snowflake white paint can be tinted to a greater or a lesser degree in any and all colours under the sun. It’s all about the light in the room and how the paint reflects that light. The quality and source of light in a room will make your white seem like some other colour entirely.

Sunlight is white’s best friend and worst enemy. When you paint a room that faces away from the noonday sun pure white, it will appear to be gray-blue and feel cool. Depending on the location of your home and how much the sunlight floods through your windows you will get different effects. Here in the southern hemisphere, north-facing rooms will reflect red-orange, for example. Wherever the sun shines most will have these sun-coloured highlights.

White can, indeed, have a magical effect on some rooms. We must remember, though, that white is a real chameleon. In other words, at least in our estimation, it’s a great idea to bring in a colour professional before you buy that paint.
If your goal is to make your rooms feel warm and welcoming, and it is, it could be a disaster if the white paint you choose makes your buyers’ teeth chatter. Ask your specialist in property styling St George what white is best for which room.

Those of you who are attempting to stage your home without the help of a professional may find yourself in a pickle if your furnishings aren’t coordinated carefully. The white rooms you see in slick magazine ads or photo shoots are full of very carefully chosen furniture and art. Your home stager can also advise you as to which white is ideal for the rooms you’re dressing according to the furnishings you intend to use. Most reputable staging companies offer an affordable consultation which can clear up any questions you have on these subjects.

In the very complicated and stressful business of preparing to sell your home, having a little help from the professionals is a comfort. From its architecture to its light source, each room in your home is unique. Very few of us have the training and the practice to know exactly how to make the most of a room. A professionally trained home stager, on the other hand, can make each of your rooms sing in harmony with the whole choir of other rooms.

When the time comes to sell your house, call Urban Chic Property Styling. We’ve been in the business of making the most of homes for sale for decades. From property styling St George to downtown Sydney, we have what it takes to make a listed house stand out from the rest. If you need just a consultation, help with one room, or the entire house, Urban Chic can help you nail your sale. Call us first. You’ll be glad you did.

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