Enlisting the services of a home stylist during the run-up to listing your home for sale has become standard procedure in the Sydney market. In this demanding real estate market, it’s difficult to sell an unstaged property. To do so is almost as difficult as selling a poorly staged property. Hiring outstanding home stagers is critical to selling a home in today’s market and absolutely essential if you wish to sell your property for top dollar.

The problem is, home staging companies are cropping up like mushrooms in Australia’s cities. In places like Sydney, which leads the pack in real estate sales among the country’s populated areas, you can practically find a home staging company on every corner. So how do you know which one to choose when you’re ready to undertake possibly the biggest business deal of your life?

Before you sign a contract with a staging company, remember your due diligence. Think about the elements that separate good home stagers from great ones. Here are a few:

  • Experience: First, narrow your search list by eliminating those that have the least experience. You may feel that a fledgling home styling company may have some advantages, including new and fresh ideas. What you may not know is this; a truly exceptional home design company spends many resources keeping abreast of new and innovative design ideas.

The second and most important part of sifting through the advantages of longevity is the fact that the companies that GET the experience are the ones that have consistently superior results. In other words, not many home stagers are able to hang on long enough to actually amass the necessary experience to make them really great at what they do. If they don’t have spectacular results immediately and dependably, they shut up shop in no time at all.

  • Resources: When we talk about resources here, we’re actually talking about inventory. A dependable home design company has something that newcomers don’t. Over their successful years of serving the Sydney area, they have collected an impressive inventory of furniture, rugs, tables, chairs, beds, and all the other accoutrements that make a house look as if it belongs on the pages of a slick interior design magazine. Since they own the furnishings, the décor, and even the art for the walls, they don’t have to depend on hiring furnishings elsewhere, as new or not long established companies must. This means that you, as a seller, won’t decide on one style and then be forced to settle for something else when the stagers can’t locate the exact furnishings you want.
  • Support Staff: A really good home staging company will staff who do the actual installation of the furnishings in your home. These are professional movers who know how to transport a piano from point A to point B without putting holes in your freshly painted walls or scuffing your newly repolished hardwood floors. The amount of money lost by sellers because of damage when they use nonprofessional installation teams can be staggering. Why go there?

When you hire a worthy company, these same professionals will move the furniture and props right back out again when the contract ends, leaving your house undamaged and as sparklingly clean as it was when they arrived.

  • Reliability: Selling your home can be incredibly stressful. The ideal home staging company works to alleviate some of that stress. The luxury of feeling confident in the way your design team and their back-up staff handle your home, the staging, and the countless details of preparing your house for sale, is worth more than you might imagine. It frees you to make the important decisions only you can make – like which offer to accept. It can make this huge part of your financial future less daunting and far more profitable.

As you shop for the perfect home stagers, keep at top of mind that you are trusting them to create an atmosphere that generates excitement among prospective buyers which will, in turn, generate more money for you in the ultimate transaction. Whatever money means to you – travel, adventure, comfort, or security in your old age – when you hire a home staging company, you are handing them the controls. Naturally, you want to hire the best, most effective company possible. Call Urban Chic Property Styling first.

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